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Deeds Publishing

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Dec 18, 2016
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Anybody have any information about Deeds Publishing? They are in Georgia, have a nice website, and they also have a self-publishing arm. But they seem to be a traditional publisher. They won an IPPY a couple of years ago. I sent in a query yesterday, along with a synopsis and the manuscript. They publisher emailed me this morning and asked to have a phone conversation. I assume he wants to know whether I plan on marketing the book and how, but...wow. Should I be excited? What should I ask him?


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Feb 16, 2009
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Houston, Texas
Link: Deeds Publishing

Well, the website seems well-designed. The self-publishing arm seems clearly separated from the trade publishing arm, though I can't say whether they refer authors interested in the latter to the former. None of the principals seem to have any real book publishing experience. Some of the covers are good, some less so (in my opinion). I looked at the beginning of two of the novels on Amazon (strangely, not all of the books they sell are available as ebooks) and though I saw no major errors, they weren't all that well-written, definitely needing more editing (again, in my opinion).

I would take it as a bad sign that the publisher wanted to call you the day after you submitted to them. At the very least, that implies that they don't have a lot to keep them busy (most in publishing are buried under work).

As for what to ask, I'm not sure. About their marketing plan? How much editing they do? To look at a sample of the contract? How much they offer in terms of royalty, and whether they offer an advance?

It's okay to be excited whenever someone shows an interest in your writing, but don't let that excitement dictate your next movement. And realize that if your book is good enough to interest one publisher, it will likely be good enough to interest others (which is to say don't rush this because you feel it might be your only chance to get published).

Whatever you choose, though, good luck!

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