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Dave K.--about P&E...

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Don't you think it needs some sort of search function?

That's the most frustrating thing about the sight.



At one time, there was a search function, but it was clunky and required additional drive space and support. At present, P&E's sites are situated on borrowed space so a search function is unlikely though desired.


Re: Search?

Have you looked at getting a Google search window?

I don't know. I'm just asking to be helpful.


Re: Search?

No, I haven't looked into getting a Google search window. First I've heard of it, in fact.


Re: Search?

>>Google Free WebSearch

The fastest and easiest way to implement Google WebSearch is our copy-and-paste Google Free web search service. There’s no application process and it costs nothing to add Google WebSearch and optional Google SiteSearch to your site. Just a few lines of HTML copied onto your site and your users have access to a Google search of the web. With an additional couple of steps, you can add your logo and customizations to the search results pages. This service can be up and running in five minutes, and is available for businesses of all sizes.

(Google reserves the right to sell ads on all Google Free search results pages.)<<

The only caveat is the ads. You could end up with poetry.con or publish anything as your 'sponsor'. :smack :cry

Andrea :peace


Re: Search?

Dave might be eligible for the "Public Service" package.


Re: Search?

Dave, the agency who has my ms now I got off your site, thanks. I can search the P&E site just fine.


J. Y. Moore

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Apr 12, 2005
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James D. Macdonald said:
You can also search P&E directly from Google by adding site:anotherealm.com to the search terms when you go directly to Google.

I used the format: "Barer+site:anotherealm.com" (without the quotes) to search for Julie Barer and it came right up. Thanks for the info James.

J. Y. (Jean) Moore