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Conlan Press (Connor Cochran)

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az shea

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Sep 25, 2014
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Short version: Connor is reputed to be a scammer. Artist Wendi Pini and others will attest to that.

Many fans over the past decade-plus would agree.

This post is for anyone who bought from Conlan Press; allegedly it was created to sell works by Peter S. Beagle only. I bring up my freelance experience with Conlan/Connor at the end of this post.


Peter S. Beagle is suing Connor Cochran's Conlan Press. Connor became Peter's alleged business manager, and yet somehow the monies collected never made it into Peter's pockets or went against Peter's debts.

Connor formed a new company and yet Wendy [and others, including Peter] never got paid there either.


Bleeding Cool's Last Unicorn Publisher Targeted With Accusations Of Fraud (6-Dec-2014) -- possibly the earliest link, but I'm not sure. (I had to stop somewhere!)

Author Jim Hines' blog post (10-Dec-2015). Includes many links.

‘The Last Unicorn’ Scribe Peter S. Beagle Sues His Manager for Elder Abuse And Fraud

Blog post by a Canadian fan here, during the 2014 tour Peter did. The tour investors filed a lawsuit against Connor Cochran (13-Jan-2016).

2016 hashtag on Twitter #takebacktheunicorn. Fans Against Fraud looks to be just about Peter and all his struggles with Conlan Press, etc.

The Sad, Strange Legal Battles of 'Last Unicorn' author Peter. S. Beagle (23-March-2016) at Vice.

Peter S. Beagle lawsuit - court judgement against ex manager for $25,000, Reddit (Jan. 2017).

I posted this because I am a fan of Peter's works... and because Connor asked me to proofread a collection of Peter's "on spec" which oddly never got published. That was back in 2010, after I'd met Peter, who was the Author GoH at Michigan's ConFusion.

I didn't know about the lawsuit until yesterday, when his post got a signal boost on Facebook.

Elizabeth George's book Write Away