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Jul 4, 2012
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Someone on a Facebook indie author group I belong to reported today that a third party claimed the audio rights to one of her books on ACX* and posted an audition notice on the site. The author only found out about it because a narrator interested in the job contacted her outside of ACX to see if the posting was real. (She had a feeling it wasn't legit because the back cover material was offered as the sample for the audition, instead of an actual excerpt.)

The author hurried over to ACX to check (she had to create an account), and sure enough, someone else had claimed her audio rights. Apparently, the scammer arranges a royalty share deal with their selected narrator (so they don't have any up-front expenses), puts the pirated audio book up for sale on ACX, pockets their share and hopes the real rights holder doesn't find out.

Another member of the FB group said the same thing had happened to her, except that the audiobook was actually recorded and offered for sale before she found out. When she went to ACX to demand that the pirated material be removed, they put a freeze on HER account while they investigated the issue. Due to staffing shortages at ACX, it took months for them to sort things out.

Apparently this audio rights piracy has been going on for a while. ACX has not taken any steps to prevent it, so the onus is on the authors to claim their audio rights before someone else does. Claiming your rights at ACX entails signing their agreement, but you don't have to do anything further - just leave the project in limbo. Here's a step-by-step guide to the process: How to Claim Your Book on ACX. It took me about twenty minutes to claim my five titles - I don't have any plans to create audio books at present, but it was worth it for my peace of mind.

*an entity owned and operated by Audible, Inc., which is in turn owned by Amazon.

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