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Mar 28, 2005
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This isn't something we can begin YET - but we can begin researching and preparing for it, so I'm starting the thread for it now.

Every Celebrity has their own devoted fan-club, website, and often newsletter.
They need to self-define themselves frequently to remain defined in the public eye.
They need web-content to provide a reason for fans to keep coming back to the site.
They need newsletter content.
And most of all, they are warm and caring people (often scared of being duped or used, but warm and caring, nonetheless).

Can we convince them to place a link to Stories of Strength on their website?
Can we convince them to also read the book (when it becomes available) and give an endorsement for use on their website and ours (they can easily afford to buy the book themselves if they want to, so I don't think we need to send the book, but simply to convince them that this is a cause they wish to support)
Can we get them to mention it in a newsletter to their fans?

Can we get researching and get writing communications to them ready to send as soon as all details are known??? We should only approach the celebrities for whom we have a real respect and who we genuinely believe might get involved if only they knew.

We DON'T want to barrage them with unfelt messages, people.
Be real about this and we might get real results.

I don't think we should post the wording of our communications for this one, because I don't think multiple copies of the same wording will do any good at all, but it might be fun to simply say who we are contacting, and what (if any) the results are.
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