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Calling All Portuguese

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May 21, 2010
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in the stilly night
Hello, my fellow Lovers of Word,

It is with great pleasure and a super ego boost that I present to you the latest textbook for Portuguese classes.

It was a laborious project that involved a team of collaborators, (authors, college professors, editors, and Portuguese aficionados), and has finally been put together in one book.

My short story is about the Portuguese Revolution in 1974, (Revolução 25 de Abril,) and is entitled: “A Liberdade e os Libertos” and can be found within this publication.

Ao Redor do Mundo: Leituras em Português, Vol. 1,” is on sale as of today. Inside this anthology you will find articles, personal experiences, and short stories comprehending the Portuguese culture all across the world: from Portugal, to Brazil, to Portuguese speaking colonies in Africa.
I'd like to remind that all articles are written in Portuguese, and the book was created specifically for Portuguese teachers (or Portuguese language lovers). Every article includes follow-up questions and exercises to study in class, as well as an incorporated glossary for more intricate words, hence, it is accessible for both native speakers of the language, and those who are in the process of learning.

If you teach Portuguese, or study the language, or know someone who does, won't you please give it a try? It's only US $15.77* (shipping not included) Purchasing can be made directly from the book exporter
AtlanticoBooks and can be shipped internationally, too. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly via AW message.

I have to thank everyone at AbsoluteWrite because you guys will never really know how much you help me, just by beholding, literally at the tips of my fingers, all the answers to my never-ending doubts.

Thanks all for being great and bearing with me through this exorbitantly passionate moment in my life. I've been humming to myself for the past few days: "I am a published author, I am a published author," and it still feels unreal. It's my first taste. It's a small taste, but I never was one to complain.

Com amizade,

S. Oliveira

*Terms, conditions, and pricing are subject to change at any time and at the publisher’s discretion
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