Call for funny short stories (£300 per story)

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Nov 9, 2018
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We are seeking submissions for humor based chat fiction stories.

The finished stories will be:
— 1000 words long
— Written in the form of a text message conversation between two or more people (similar to format used in popular chat fiction apps like Hooked, Yarn and Tap)
— Page-turner style stories with focus on fast-moving plot based
— Aimed at teenager to mid-30s audience
— Authored using only beginner (A1) and elementary (A2) English. (We will provide grammar and vocabulary guidelines to help you with this.)

If you are interested please contact [email protected] with examples of your previous creative writing and up to three story treatments, each outlining the full plot in this format:

— BEGINNING: What's the hook that grabs the reader?
— MIDDLE: How does the plot develop? This should be in detail as it will account for 70-80% of the story / word count and should show how the reader will be kept reading and laughing throughout
— END: How does the story resolve? Perhaps with a twist or in a climatic sense that delivers a pay off to the reader and leaves them smiling.

If your story idea is commissioned:
— Turn-around time from commission to first draft: 1 week
— Payment: £300 per story (minimum 1000 words)

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