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Editing for authors: because every writer needs a good editor.


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Feb 12, 2006
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I just got an e-mail from this place. They're trolling the Editorial Freelancers Association website for people like me to recommend their services to writers.

The mail is pasted in below, warts and all, my name redacted. I'm certainly NOT going to send any writers whose books I edit to a pack of strangers who seem to be trying too hard to sell themselves. My comments are in red.


Hello ______:

I found you through The Editorial Freelancers Association. (Oh, what fresh hell is this?)

You are obviously a skilled and seasoned Book Editor and much much more!

So here is why I contacted you.

I have four published books. One of my self-published books sold over 85,000 copies by mail. More than my Doubleday book that sold fewer than 5,000 copies. LOL (Titles please?)

Just like you...I LOVE helping Authors be more successful. (What's with the capitalizing "author" thing? You with America Star Books?)

And I deliver services to Authors that you do not. So when you are finished helping an Author there may be additional help they will need with their book.

And I happily pay finders fees to good folks like you too who send me paying clients who DO need and use my help. (You can sure use a few commas, and by now I could use a cold beer.)

As an example...one "Finder's Fee Bird Dog" I will mention in a moment made over $3,000 from me last year...just for introducing me to a couple of paying clients. You could make even more!

And here is how easy it can be for you.

So all you have to say to any of your past or present clients (if you want) is:

"I have a colleague who creates Author Websites, Monetizes Author websites using Affiliate programs-Advertising & more, does Marketing and PR for Authors, can help create multiple income streams for how-to book (sometimes Fiction too) authors...using webinars, and/or paid newsletters, etc. Well you get the idea. (And YOU are getting my hairy eyeball.)

Just giving people my website, phone, email, and LinkedIn profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bruce-brown-520870ab/ could allow me to help deserving Authors be more successful...and potentially give you thousands of Dollars in Finder's Fees like I paid to Matt Kovacs, President of Blaze PR in Santa Monica, Ca. last year...from just a couple of clients. And I pay "Lifetime Finder's Fees" too...be sure to ask me about how that works.

If any of this sounds interesting to you why don't we set up a day & time to have brief phone chat this week-end or next week. It would be a pleasure to work with you if my idea as my Mom would say, "...tickles your fancy..."

Or as my Dad would say, "...you to should talk and see if you can't help each other, "Shake the Money Tree...!"

Appreciate your time and interest.

I look forward to speaking with you if any of what I said above excites you.

Have a great week-end. (It's MONDAY, Brainiac.)



Brown Marketing Consulting & PR
Voice (323) 240-1401 Text & Voice (323) 873-8483

P.S. My website is: www.brownmarketingconsulting.com and direct email is: [email protected][URL="http://gmail.com/"]gmail.com[/URL]
phone for text & voice is 323-873-8483 thanks -B

P.P.S. Finders Fee folks like you _______...who decide to work with me always get Free Marketing Consulting from me...so I can help make YOUR business more successful also.-B

P.P.P.S. As you will discover ________ I work with all types of clients...not just Authors.So forfun and in an attempt to impress you (HA!) I have attached two pictures from the Oscars Red Carpet and Media Press Room from the last Academy Awards a few months ago. I was working there again doing Marketing & PR on behalf of one of my clients Scott D....a Red Carpet Celebrity Photographer. The two ladies were new friends.

And yes I was responsible for the envelope mix up at the end. Actor Warren Beatty is so easy to fool. LOL-B

(Included in the mail were two pictures of some guy with a bad hair cut standing under the giant statue of "Oscar" next to two women who were not Warren Beatty or even Shirley McLaine.)


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Feb 12, 2005
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I'm jealous. All I get is FB spam from Sincere, Godly men and women who want to share their zillions of dollars with me if I'll only give them my bank account number so they can deposit their wealth into it.

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