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Kempo Kid

Anyone here writing science books or needing to do scientific research for a book? What's the best way to get scientific material? I haven't had much luck just going through the Internet. What's the best way to get onto a scientific database to look up things there?

(I would like real answers please, not just put downs. Thank you.)

aka eraser

Do you know how to refine your search parameters to narrow down the info you're looking for?

If, in google you type: chromosone study - you'll get umpteen gazillion pages which contain either "chromosone" or "study" making it near impossible to winnow it down to find what you want.

If you type: "chromosone" "study" (with each word contained within quotation marks) you'll receive only pages that contain both words, making your task easier.

So, in your case, you could try "biology" "database" or whatever field you're researching.

If you knew this, sorry, but it's the only thing I can think of aside from going to your library and asking the librarian for help. (Which ain't a bad idea either.)

Tish Davidson

what kind of science

I'm a medical writer. If what you are writing has anything to do with biology or medicine, I can steer you to some good sites, but if its chemistry or math or physics, I can't help you there.

Try advanced search on google. it lets you not only search on words, but eliminate topics that have certain words in them. For example today I was seaching for separation anxiety disorder and I got a lot of sites about separation anxiety in dogs, so I did an advance search to remove any site with the word dogs in it.

Also, does your public library allow you access to online databases? Mind has some good science ones. You might want to check with your libaray.


Re: what kind of science

It depends upon content, you want to use the most reoutable source for that discipline that will make sense to you.
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Elizabeth George's book Write Away