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Bizarro Pulp Press

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dale hollin

Jan 11, 2013
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Indianapolis, IN
well, their one and only author seems to have written a winner....

M. P. Johnson, author of quite a few bizarro tales, has joined the team. He has a novella coming out with us called, The After-Life Story of Pork Knuckles Malone. I am looking forward to this release a lot. I really enjoyed this story. We are in the editing process now and are also working on the cover.
The synopsis for the novella:
What’s a farm boy to do when his pet pig becomes an evil, decaying hunk of ham with slime-spewing psychic powers?
After Daryl Malone absconds to Green Bay with the remains of his pet, Pork Knuckles, strange things start to happen. Why is everyone around him so hungry for ham? And why is green ooze pouring from their orifices? When he finds the answer to these questions, he’s forced to choose between his best buddy and a family that has only existed on the periphery of his life. That choice will send him and the ones he loves barreling nonstop through a labyrinth of cannibal hippies, Nazi flies, rabid drag queens, brawling grizzlies and punk rock muck fests.

it has psychic pigs, nazi flies, drag queens and everything.

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