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Beta reader - beta swap needed. LAUGHING GAS: The Awakening - Comedy.


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Apr 8, 2018
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Hi all, I'm Looking for beta readers or Beta swap of similar length story.

This is my 3rd round of beta readers so hopefully it's more refined at this point:

LAUGHING GAS: THE AWAKENING is a comedy of approximately 65,000 words. It is a standalone story with sequel potential.

Nurse Kim's problems start when she passes gas in the room of a comatose lawyer. To her shock, he wakes up and laughs for a brief moment.

Minus the details of the flatulence, Kim rushes to tell her colleagues that the patient woke up. Nobody else is able to arouse the patient by any conventional means.

Her work ethic and sanity come into question by her boss, and Kim’s employment is placed on probationary status.

To her shock and amusement, Kim discovers the lawyer wakes up repeatedly, but only when she passes gas. To avoid losing her job, Kim works secretly to figure out if the patient is reacting to some bizarre neurologic reflex or if he is truly waking up. Her attempts at furtive gaseous experiments lead to episodes of humiliation before her colleagues and her family.

Later when Kim hears a rumor that the neurologist might withdraw care for the vegetative patient, she realizes that, embarrassing or not, now is the time to reveal the truth to try to save the lawyer’s life.