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I have read the information below and now I know how to write my book proposal! However I am still a bit confused. I am writing a book on how to plan a wedding yourself within a low budget and it still look like your best friends who spent 10 grand... got the outline and everything. My thing is this, how do I chose a publisher to propose to? Or do I do this through an agent? I'm clueless and this is not the only book I plan to write... help! Thank you. :jump

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Part of a complete NF proposal is doing some market research; studying similar. competing titles and determining how your book is different/better.

You can do this by going to Amazon and doing a subject search (weddings) and/or by haunting your nearest large bookstore.

Landing a good agent for a first nonfiction book is very difficult unless you are a recognized expert in your field. You're better off to study those competing/similar books and make a note of the publishers. Then research them individually to learn their guidelines for submissions.

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I've written two nonfiction books (and working on 2 more) and don't yet have an agent. Although this is more because of my choice to be agent-less for now. :grin

You can also try looking through Writer's Market to find a publisher.Indie presses and small presses are a good one to shoot for, too, unless you want a big advance and/or more $$$ going towards the marketing/promotion of your book.

Good luck!
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