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Best guided?example for memoir proposal?

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Mar 26, 2011
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I have a due date to send a memoir proposal into a publishing house in early april. Most non fiction guides for proposals are for How to books or self help. I have yet to see an example of a memoir proposal. Does anyone here know of any book or source. I will be working with an editor to get this together, but still would like to see examples or a book that includes this form of proposal.

Siri Kirpal

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Sep 20, 2011
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Can't think of any. (I promise that if my memoir lands an agent and a book deal, I'll post my proposal.

That said, I've been working with an editor too. And she emailed me two sample proposals for memoirs in my sub-genre.

Here are the component parts:

Title page: To include contact info
Table of Contents (for the proposal, not the memoir)
Overview: Actually a short synopsis
About the book: Overview of the book's word count and organization and logline.
About the author: Bio
Audience: A thorough look at which groups of people are likely to buy the book and why
Promotion: Go into detail as much as you can. Don't be shy to drop names if you have names to drop.
Table of Contents for the book
Annotated Table of Contents: summaries of each chapter
Sample Chapters

Hope that helps.


Siri Kirpal

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