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Best Case PoD Scenario - Just Spitballing an Idea

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You can't go anywhere to get a POD book for $4. A POD publisher has to make a profit--so they aren't going to charge you simply cost of printing your book. Most will take anywhere from $4-$10 of the sale price for each book they print.

But if you just want a few copies of your book (for proofing or for friends), you can probably go direct to a printer and get one for much less than $10. You won't have an ISBN or distribution or anything like that.

See the printing section of this board.


"I would rather have my novel lie in a drawer than be vanity-published."



Even assuming that we equate POD with "vanity publishing," do you have such enormous faith in the taste and wisdom of agents that if you don't find one who approves of your work you'd just as soon bury the book?

If I spend years working on something, and am convinced it is good, I would prefer to share it with even a small audience than throw it away.


Vomaxx -

The creative fulfillment I get out of writing is in the writing itself. I do not have to have others read my work to be fulfilled or validated.

I want to be published so that I can support myself from my writing and have the luxury to write full time. That for me is the sole reason for pursuing publication. Of course I hope that those who read my work enjoy it - and I believe that many will. And I assume that being published by a traditional publisher will probably be a nice little stroke for my ego, but that is not my motivation.

Self publishing would not generate the kind of income that would allow me to write full time. And rather than stroke my ego, it would deflate it because I do not consider it being published- so I really see no point.

And yes I do have enough faith in the wisdom of agents that I will be able to find one to represent me.

Kate Nepveu

Re: Nowhere

CafePress also does printing; I've heard good things about their quality, though have not seen their books myself.


Re: Nowhere

I would also rather leave my first novel in a drawer rather than self-publish it.
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Elizabeth George's book Write Away