Barnes & Noble Press for Canadians

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Feb 25, 2014
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Hello. I have used Amazon's self-publishing services already, but I am new to Barnes & Noble Press. I'm in Canada and have filled out the Vendor Registration information. It says it could take up to 72 hours but it has been over a week (not including weekends), is this normal? If there was a problem, would they notify me, or would it just continue to say "pending"?

Also, does anyone know what it's like for Canadians to order proof copies? I can't order proof copies through Amazon, because for some reason they won't send them to Canada. Instead I have to publish my book and let it go live, then order a copy, then wait a few days for it to arrive, then make changes and wait for the changes to be updated. All the while, the book that needs changes done is still live and for sale on Amazon (at a super cheap price, so once it's all fixed, I can order my author copies, and then put the price up to the "normal" price). It's very frustrating. I hoping Barnes & Noble will be different.

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