Artisul Graphics Tablet!

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Jun 15, 2011
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For our 14th wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with a new (expensive!) graphics tablet, because I'd been complaining bitterly about my no-good Wacom. It's the Artisul D13. This new tablet is quite different from what I'm used to. It's much larger, for one thing. Probably three times the size of my Wacom, which makes it awkward to use at times, since I work from a laptop in bed. Although, it did come with a stand, so I can prop it up on my lap while I work. The biggest difference, though, is that it's got a built in display screen, so you see your artwork on the tablet itself and draw directly on the glass screen. With my Wacom, I drew on the tablet while looking at the laptop screen. So that's an adjustment.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips for getting used to this kind of graphics tablet? I've noticed there's a bit of a lag between when I draw something with the stylus and when the marks actually show up in Photoshop. And if my laptop hibernates, when it comes back on, the stylus usually won't work. I have to close all my files and reboot the laptop to get the tablet/stylus to reactivate. That may be a driver issue, or it may be my stupid laptop's fault. See, my laptop has touchpad issues. Sometimes the touchpad stops working altogether, and sometimes the cursor "ices" up, so it glides across the screen as if its driving on ice. Move it a little and it glides halfway across the screen! The only solution is to reboot when that happens. I'm positive some of the touchpad issues are affecting the new tablet and stylus. But since there apparently is no touchpad driver on this laptop, I can't figure out a way of fixing that, other than getting a new laptop.

At any rate, any advice for a new user? Tips or tricks?
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