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Any folks know of or interested in starting a writer's group in the Bay Area, California?

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Apr 21, 2011
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I am an aspiring writer.

I would love to form a writer's group that meets regularly (I have a spacious dining room in the Sunset near West Portal with a large round ... oblong ... table that can accommodate at least a dozen folks comfortably. In other words, I am able to host)

I am currently working on a memoir project. I'm not going to lie, I do hope some knowledgeable more seasoned writing vets are out there and interested. Hopefully you can impart some of your knowledge on us more fledgling writers. In exchange I'll provide refreshments.

I am very serious about my project, and would like to connect with others who are also serious. As in, perhaps, hoping to complete a full piece of work and try to get published on day.

I'm not sure how poetry fits in. Although my personal project is creative non-fiction, I'm sure fiction could blend well.

I hope to forge a bit of pressure for the participants. That is, having a light deadline for possibly sharing and workshopping pieces. I personally thrive off negative criticism, so I don't really desire a group of thin-skinned dilettantes looking for affirmation no matter what they present. I'd like it to be a safe bastion of constructive criticism.

I most look forward to discussions, questions about the craft, etc. We don't necessarily need to always be sharing and workshopping. We could spend sessions discussing different issues we are encountering with our projects. It would be nice to gather a group of diverse people with various experiences in writing so that we all have something to offer and share while gaining from others' backgrounds.

I find myself flooded with ideas but floundering when it comes to constructing those ideas into usable pieces.

Given the times, we could even trade tech tricks and reviews of the various software applications available for organizing material.

I imagine meeting on weekends is easiest, but I am pretty flexible. I would like to find people are are serious about making a commitment to the collaborative arrangement I have in mind. But at the same time, as this is just a fledgling idea, I encourage curious minds to reach out, glean the feel and tentative direction for this endeavor, and if it doesn't seem compatible with your goals and what not, no hard feelings if you drop out.

I hope to cultivate a safe space where people can share deeply personal topics. But at the same time, I don't have a group therapy arrangement in mind.

We could try lots of things out. Perhaps we pick a topic or area of writing that people are struggling with, then assign a book or that covers it, then reconvene and try to identify the main lessons we extracted from the example. I happen to have purchased a large dry erase board for diagramming plot designs, and it would definitely come in handy for such an arrangement.

I myself am in my late 20's. I strongly encourage all ages to reach out if you are interested. The main prerequisite is that you have a strong passion for writing and something in the way of concrete goals and projects.

I know this is a shot in the dark, but I figure it is cheaper than going for an MFA.

If we get organized, I know lots of authors and literary folk are open to dropping by and giving talks or mini-lectures. I think that would be wonderful.

Well, I think I've conveyed what I have in mind. If this strikes your interest, drop me an email. I imagine this will be a very collective effort, so if you have alternative ideas but share my core interest in engaging and dialoguing and collaborating with other writers, I am all ears.



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Mar 1, 2010
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A moderator may be along to move your post - probably to the AW Regional Meet and Greet forum found here:


Or you might just want to poke around in there and see if something's already set up near you. You're a bit too far for me - I'm in north Oregon - but good luck! I like hanging out with other writers. Sometimes.
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