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Help, I'm stuck! :ack

I can't decide what to call my last "chapter" in my book. Because the format of this book is different, I can't really call it a "chapter." And it's more like an "epilogue" but because it is nonfiction, I have to call it something else.

It's basically supplemental material.

I checked and came up with a list of names I like:

Appendage (sounds like anatony-related)
Notes (isn't this normally reserved for bibliographies?)
Postscript (liking this one)

What do you guys think? Is there a word I've forgotten?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS! :)



anything wrong with 'afterword'?

it's a common term for the end notes by the writer... but you say it's 'supplemental material' so maybe it's not appropriate for that... what does the material consist of?... it's really hard to come up with the right term not knowing what's being labeled...


Re: anything wrong with 'afterword'?

Hi, M,

It's supplemental because it supplements what is offered in the rest of the book. However, it's not really coming from me. It's a bunch of quotes from other authors/writers that is like what I wrote in the rest of the book thus far: Tips.

I don't think "afterword" would apply here...



I would include it in an Appendix. To me, that seems an appropriate title and place.

Tom Nixon


i agree with tom...

...sounds like an appendix, pure and simple...


Re: i agree with tom...

Thanks, guys. :)

At first I used Postscript but then I realized that, since there is a Foreword, then Afterword is the better choice.



so, even when i'm wrong, i'm right?:snoopy

glad you got that sorted out... :clover with your book...

:hug s, m


Re: gee!

Thanks, M! :) It really helps to toss around some names, trying them on for size, etc.


Re: gee!

I know you have made up your mind but might I throw in a suggestion here... I have always wanted to end a bio with... "oh by the way I forgot" type of chapter at the end...
sorry.... I just had to do it....
forgive me.


Re: gee!

Something that sounds more attractive than "Appendix" would be even better. I'd have to know more about the book to suggest anything specific.


Re: gee!

Hmm. You know, I once wrote a nonfic book (which I'm not getting published -- it is the equivalent to the fiction writer's "trunk book") with a closing chapter like that. It was actually an update to the story, taking place several months later. I called it an "Epilogue" but I'm not sure that would apply here. I think "Afterword" works well for that kind of thing, though not sure if that means there should be a Foreword. What titles have you considered using?
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