An excellent book to help you find the theme of your memoir

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Jul 19, 2015
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"The Memoir and the Memoirist" by Thomas Larson. I had been struggling to find the theme of my memoir, and this book has really helped.

"This thoughtfully reasoned and lucidly written book delves further into the dynamics of the new memoir than anything I know of, and is sure to spark discussion, help guide would-be practitioners, and bring much-needed illumination to a vexed subject." -- Philip Lopate.

Here's an excerpt.

"Some argue that to write memoir or to seek individuation (a la Jung's practice) is a purely selfish enterprise. Hardly. Personal fulfillment and the longevity of life are evolutionary imperatives. If you look at any index of human development (such "quality of life" measures, like the one used by the United Nations, must balance tangible and intangible criteria) -- child welfare, health care, democratic institutions, political freedom, human rights, psychological wellness, environmental well-being, life expectancy, meaningful work, the arts -- you find that social and personal betterment are mutually dependent. It may be that the desire for individual fulfillment is what predominantly drives a society to evolve."

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