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Amy or Amelia LeBlanc


And the scary thing is that elance.com says she earned 137,000 dollars this year!

I wonder if that was all on deposits.

So sorry about your rotten experience. Don't fear though: we're not all like that!



I was writing poems for a school project(which I received an F on) and submitted a few of my poems when I had the time...a few weeks later i received a letter from poetry.com that stated I was a semi-finalist for 10,000 or 1,000 dollars.I was sooo exited. I then did some re-search on this so-called "letter's from the soul" from poetry.com and found out it was a total scam. My parents were so exited they sent in the money the day I received the letter...now were all pissed...

>: >: >: >: >: POETRY.COM SUCKS!!!>: >: >: >: >:
please inform me if you find a site the will actually respect your work


Yellow Submarine

Oh, I'm positive that $137,000 was all deposits. She probably took those good people's money and ran! Funny, though, when I look at her feedback I see only 4 bad reviews as opposed to 54 good ones. Maybe she posted all those good reviews herself? You know, making up usernames so no one would know who she was? Better yet--maybe she's a secret spy for Saddam Hussein? Sent here to rob our honest buyers and thereby destroy our Western idealist economy? Yes, the theories run rampant in my mind.

Hey, WriteBrain--aren't you an Elance.com'er too? Oh, wait. Yes, I see you there. $0 and 0 reviews in the last six months. Thought so--and how, exactly, do you know anything about this other Elancer? Did you do work for her? Buy services from her, what?

Ah, well, I must say I am extremely impressed. A bunch of non-registered synchophants with rumor and innuendo and no facts. Lovely day in the neighborhood. Enjoy your time in the yellow submarine--but when you get back to the real world (with real people and good and bad happening to everyone) let us know, hm?

Sign me,



"Funny, though, when I look at her feedback I see only 4 bad reviews as opposed to 54 good ones."

17 (yes, seventeen negative reviews were removed from Elance. :rolleyes she's a loser!!! Sorry...

"Maybe she posted all those good reviews herself? You know, making up usernames so no one would know who she was?"

YES -- She did that as well...and then ran away to Canada!


Amy Ameila Thomas LeBlanc

Oh, you can believe it! Note that e-city and Veripros are both out of business. The guy that financed her for Veripros got ripped too, I'm sure! I actually gave the poor guy a warning when they were in negotiations, however, he assured me that he knew what he was doing. Oh well, I did try! I was personally taken for over $3,000. As for feedback on eLance... lots was removed by eLance, plus she has a coniving way of saying.. "Oh, feedback on what I have showed you SO FAR needs to be posted so eLance will know I am working on the project". Buyers post and she immediately stops all work. Then when the buyer makes an attempt to change the feedback, eLance will not allow it. Sounds to me like eLance is not on the up-and-up either to utilize those type of business practices.


Haaaaaa! Amelia makes a post! Imagine that!

Hi Amelia... still trying to protect the completely worthless name? Not need to anymore hun... EVERYONE has your number! Ha! You see, it was easy for me to figure out... I know your style of writing.

EVERYONE, meet Amelia!! Just make sure you don't EVER do "business" with her. What a total nightmare!

Amelia hun... you know what they say... "What goes around, comes around"... Sure would hate to be you!!

See ya... wouldn't wanna be ya!


Here Guys: Amy Goes Under Her Hubby('s)

Well, unless Amy LeBlanc is not this 'girl' here,


I do know quite a bit of her,,

You know, Amy Leblanc / Dan Leblanc / Amy Thomas
is back under a new site,


Here is the raw whois output for contrivedmedia.com:

VeriPros, Inc.
5 Sauve Street
Aylmer, QC J9H2T5


Administrative Contact:
Leblanc, Madeleine [email protected]
5 Sauve Street
Aylmer, QC J9H2T5
(819) 684-2194 Fax: (819) 684-2194

Technical Contact:
Domain, Registration [email protected]
25 Business Park Drive
Branford, CT 06405
203-481-9458 Fax: 203-488-8660

The following URLs are recent examples of our Web design & development work:

Our home away from home, the ContrivedMedia site offers some great insights into the way we do business!

From a new logo, to a clean and appealing user interface that has resulted in snowballing interest for this startup, this site is packed with reasons to browse.

Great use of sleek design and dynamic Flash and PHP coding to produce the Internet’s first confidence-based project marketplace.

Be sure to check out the Flash Flipbook application! Clean design using combination Flash/HTML UI and PHP backend.

Physicians Group and attached medical center get a clean new look, for less!

The following clients have given us permission to use them as direct contact references. CONTRIVED MEDIA strongly encourages the buyers of marketing, design and technology projects to verify credentials and references prior to selecting a firm to partner with.

Sudhir Morar, President
Plasma Media Corporation
[email protected]

Greg Werner, CEO
Advantage Sec. Systems, S de RL de CV
VeriSign Principle Affiliate, Mexico and Central America
[email protected]

Amy Thomas, Operations Manager
[email protected]

Justin Broeckman, Partner
[email protected]

Their Mission?
The analysts, marketers, designers and technologists of Contrived Media share a unified vision:

1. We assert, much to the chagrin of our peers, that our clients can be successful without spending millions of dollars in marketing and technology-related service buys;

2. We believe that each and every client, regardless of their size or time in business, deserves the same personalized attention that is given without question to their larger competitors;

3. We envision a world where smaller companies can compete globally with more success than has ever before been possible;

4. We create our own success by achieving the goals of our clients, by understanding their needs and how they will evolve over time, and by consistently meeting those needs via flawless, timely execution;

5. Finally, we commit ourselves to working beyond the realm of today, to exploring new ideas and technologies, to stretching the limits and raising the bar for our clients time and time again.

This is who we are.


Aithene Multimedia

not just clients either...

oddly enough, she doesn't screw just clients. I believe (though I can't substantiate) that all of the work on her own websites are done by other professionals. She personally took me and my freelancing buddies for $1800. We built her one of those 'impressive' sites she uses to sell her work.

Any of you see it?


hope she didn't get you with our stuff...

Chris Wilson


not entirely in agreement

well, i for one think this woman, amelia/amy thomas/leblanc, should not be judged bad fruit - she's just "bad at being good" ... i mean, she had an idea, a dream, to compete with big businesses and the like (elance) and set up her own site (veripros) with the hope things would work out ... now every freelancer that is calling her names would have liked to do that and no one of them actually took the courage to do it ... well, she should be given credit for at least tryin' ...


Still Justifications/Excuses?!

mommiedearest, I guess Amelia Thomas is not being criticized on this board for failing with Veripros, rather than ripping off dozens of clients on Elance; should you had pasted this link on your URL bar,


you would be able to see that just 5 days ago, another buyer left chilling comments on her. And to think that Elance continues to list her as a success story (!!!)


Josephine Schmoe


Hmmm! It's all evident now why she ran away to Canada! I bet she doesn't have balls to set foot on the U.S. soil ever again!



A lonely slightly-aged woman was hanging out on the streets in Malibu when she found a lamp. She picked it up, gave it a rub. Out popped a genie. The genie looked over and said, "You're my third master this week. I'm giving you only one wish." The prostrated woman said, "I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, but I'm afraid to fly. Could you build me a highway so I can drive there?" The genie frowned." A highway across 3,000 miles of ocean? Hey, I'm a good genie, but not that good. Gimme another wish." So the woman said, "Okay, just tell me something, then. I've always wanted to know: what do men want in a relationship" Can you answer that?" The genie looked out at the ocean. Then he turned and asked, "You want two lanes or four?"

Which Side Of The Fence

Better Off?!

So, "LOL," are you assuming you're better off living in Canada than in the US of A, taken into account the somewhat-more-social-justice-'n-punishment-system of that country, although it still busts plain ole street corner hookers?!


leblanc's strike again

now doing business in all the usual places as ...


also, a new member - Lynette Le Blanc. Amy and Dan are still around, too.



Re: not just clients either...

Believe it or not, Chris, when I read the eLance reviews of Amy LeBlanc/EmeraldCity and saw that precipitous tumble from high customer satisfaction to bitter denunciations, with no intermediate stages of semi-delivery and accelerating collapse, my very first thought was to wonder whether she'd been selling someone else's work all along.

Usually, when a freelancer's been doing high-end projects and hitting their deadlines, their work is built into their life and their life is wrapped around their work. It's not a separate thing like going to the gym three nights a week, and they don't just stop doing it unless something catastrophic has happened to them. Their usual failure mode is more of a swooping fall: late and later deliveries, a string of excuses that grow more improbable, work of incresingly irregular quality, and some wildly creative saves (only not enough of them). Noncommunication is the end stage. It doesn't kick in right after they're paid; rather, it creeps in as they realize that they're going to have trouble getting this one finished on time and to spec.

But there's nothing like that in the eLance reviews. Unless that site is out to get her and is falsifying the reports, it appears that Amy LeBlanc's credibility simply collapses in spring of 2003. When you see a car go that rapidly from 120 m.p.h. to 0.0, you do have to wonder whether it's because the engine's fallen out.

So, what happened? Can you talk about it?

aithene multimedia

Re: not just clients either...

There's really not much to tell. She put a posting for help on Guru.com which I and my partners responded to. She hired us to produce a short intro to their website, and the terms were agreeable, so we built it.

While she was waiting on the project, she answered the phone, emails and any other contact we made. Once the project was done, the whole company disappeared. No one returned emails or phone calls anymore, but the project went live immediately. Even US Postal mail was refused.

All in all we were out over $1800. It was a very difficult time. The towers had just collapsed, the economy was horrid, and I had a 10 month old baby who had been born 2 weeks before the company I had been working for closed. I really needed that money and/or the time I had given her back. I have nothing but ill feelings towards the woman and her cohorts. Yes, there are cohorts. Its not, as is commonly thought, just her.

Collection efforts were unsuccessful (strange how that happens when the debtor flees the country) and my former partners were nice enough not to demand restitution from me for getting them involved with such a bad egg.

Anyway, that's all. i don't think about her much. Just when doing research on how my own company is doing do I come across tidbits such as this that remind me of my first deadbeat client.

If you need any more specifics, just ask.



Unfortunately, yes, she has re-appeared, and we found this site WAYYYY too late. Nearly $10k too late, unfortunately.

The new incarnation is Two Divas Designs of Denver, at www.2divasdesign.com

They are an Elance provider and we found them there. The price for the project was solid, we spoke several times on the phone before selecting them, and everything was fine. Early on, we had great communication, were recieving what we needed, and then BOOM, gone. And I finally emailed and said I had had enough, and she responded telling me that she didn't need the greif from me.

We currently have an attorney on the case. She is in Pheonix, AZ. now, and is married with a kid.


Mostly Harmless
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Feb 12, 2005
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Bleah! Thanks for the update, Crossdogs. I hope you can at least get your money back.


Yeah...WIsh I wasn't making such an update. Has anyone had any experience with situations like this? How likely are we to get our money back? It seems like people like this can just do as they please. We tried to file a police report and the police basically said there wasnt' anything they could do. Of course, we have a civil outlet, but that is going to cost us twice what we have lost.

I haven't been this frustrated in a very long time...


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Feb 12, 2005
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Hang in there, 'dogs. If it's any consolation, you are NOT alone.

Unfortunately, scum like this depend on "it's not worth it to go after them" to get away with this sh!t. If you haven't already, contact your local Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, which'll at least help you with the "what do I do next".

Best of luck!