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Jun 28, 2021
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I have a large, technical book that is dominated by pictures. For technical reviews, it was so unwieldy that I laid it out myself, did my own cover., and printed copies for for the reviewers in 11x8 1/2 format hardcover on LuLU

My expectation was to have someone lay it out again.

However, the reviewers loved the book as it was and all said it should be printed just the way it is.

I'd like to do POD because I don't want hundreds of books in my living room. Yet the only POD sources I have found that do 11x8 1/2 are Lulu and Ingraham Spark.

A traditional publisher is out of the question The book is original sourced and enters a non-fiction market where much of what has been printed is totally wrong (here's looking at you Wikipedia) and where traditional publishers have produced an array of books that have little regard for accuracy. Thus the book contradicts much of what has been previously written on the subject (with photographs as proof). The response from publishers was to ask me to create a book like what is already on the market.

The distribution charges on Lulu are such that I'd get less than $1 per book selling for $80.
In Ingraham Spark it works out to about $8. Oddly, if I could ever reach that point, it would cost about 50% more to print the book on Spark than on Lulu. Lulu's distribution fees are vampiric.

However, using Ingraham Spark is a nightmare. I can't even upload the book because their server keeps timing out. To call what they have "support" is too generous.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any POD alternatives that can do 12x8 1/2 (that rules out KDF).

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