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All Authors Publishing House

Editing for authors: because every writer needs a good editor.


Wilde about Oscar
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Dec 4, 2010
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Oop North
Thank you for visiting All Authors Publications and Promotions Publishing House. Though a small and new publishing house, we are mighty. We are looking for unique authors with out of the box book ideas. We accept all genres and we also happily represent multi-genre manuscripts. We will give you 110% of our dedication to the success of your book(s), and only ask that you return the favor.

All Authors only publishes a few books a year to guarantee our authors our undivided attention, creating a one on one relationship with those whom we represent.http://www.allauthorspp.net/aa-publishing-house/

AA is part of a larger organisation:

All Authors Publications & Promotions is a company created by authors, for authors. Our mission is to help authors grow and move forward in their writing life, to achieve success and make their dreams come true.

What does AAPP do?

AAPP helps authors in a wide array of areas. We have a long line of tools that can help authors put out a great product and achieve a professional grade work. Following you’ll find a list of services that have been created to help you.

Services include cover design (the examples provided are hideous), book trailers and editing:

Proofreading services differ from editing services in that they are meant to check your already completed and edited manuscript, for any typos or mistakes that may have been missed.


The Amazon bio of AA's founder Y Correa deserves to be quoted in full:

Correa is a literary seductress, luring one in with her talent of Romancing the Words, keeping one hypnotized with dynamic characters, and stimulating one with engaging narrative voices, strong plots, and epic conflicts. Her writes are as complex and as distinct as her person; a delightful combination of eclectic and antiquated. Therefore, the mere mention of fitting into one set genre is laughable. The multi-genre decadence is where she showcases her magnificence.

One can only hope that Ms Correa isn't editing AA's books.


Christine Tripp
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Sep 10, 2009
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Ottawa, Ontario Canada
It is painful to watch the cycling slide show of "covers":(
I am thinking these "Authors" have realized the only way to make fast money in this industry is to "help other Authors" part with theirs.

Happy Thanksgiving

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