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May 28, 2011
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Hi All,

I am accepting short scripts/screenplays to produce on film. Any genre. No more than ~15 pages. If you are interested, please PM me with a log line, synopsis, or other description of your work. Please DO NOT send me your script(s) until we have communicated and reached an agreement. Also, please no short stories unless you are willing to put it into a script/screenplay.

Thank you!

About me:
I am an independent producer of film and stage. I used to write, direct, produce, and act many years ago - until I had a new addition to my family. Now that my child is older, I am attempting to re-spark my creative interests. I am 100% independent. I do not own a production company, nor am I affiliated with any professional production company. I am just a guy with a long list of contacts in photography, audio, lighting, actors, costumes, etc.

Moderator(s): I am a bit fuzzy on the official rules of this sub-forum. I hope I am not violating any policies, but if I am please accept my apologies and let me know. My goal is to support independent/part-time writers, and hopefully provide them with credits and possibly monetary compensation (depending on the work they submit). Thank you!
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