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Roundtable discussions are those discussions where participants come together as equals to discuss a specific topic and contributions by all participants are given equal weight. If it helps, do think in terms of conference panel discussions. Participation is predicated on adding to the conversation, not in disparaging previous contributions.

Roundtable is a place for achieving understanding through sharing what we know and seeking to learn more from each other. No one person can know all there is to know on any given subject. Our perspectives and levels of understanding are formed through education—and how that material was presented—through lived experience, and through our individual abilities to "get" nuance.

Write with clarity to promote understanding.

Read for comprehension, ask questions, be patient, be helpful, and be kind to one another.

Respect Your Fellow Writer (RYFW) is enforced here.

How Topics are Generated/Selected

Topic discussions may be opened in several ways. Among them are:

Asking a high-level question such as “What are some methods for learning to plot?”
Sharing a breakthrough moment. Example: “What I learned while writing my novel.”
Recommending resources, articles, and news.
Suggesting a topic via PM to your friendly neighborhood mod. These would be considered sticky-worthy topics that would have particular value as reference material and those which you wish your room mod to facilitate.

How to Determine if My Question has Already Been Asked and Answered

When preparing to ask a question, please do consider whether the question may have already been asked and answered on AW. Often, it is the case that your question has been asked within General Writing Interest, usually in Basic Writing Questions. The easiest and quickest way to search for existing threads that contain thoughtful, inspired responses is via a Custom Google search (located at the bottom left of your screen). When selecting the search criteria for your question, consider how wide or how narrow you wish your search return results to be. For specific search phrases place your search criteria within quotes (“”).

And, finally, the best place to ask your genre-specific question is in the appropriate genre room; ex., Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense. And grammar and punctuation questions will find a much better home in the Grammar and Syntax room. Questions of a specific nature such as these will be moved to the appropriate room with an expiring re-direct so that you can easily find your question and its responses. Please do not think of this as your question having been brushed off, but rather as having the best possible “home” found for it so that your question can receive the specific attention and detailed answers you’re looking for.

As always, please do contact your friendly neighborhood room mod for any assistance you need.
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