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Brigid Barry

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Jan 22, 2012
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Maine, USA
Hillary Fazzari at Bradford Literary Agency https://bradfordlit.com/hillary-fazzari-agent/

looking for - "SFF with strong romantic elements; important female, queer, and/or nonbinary characters; and emotive plotlines;"
Hillary has very specific tastes. From her MS Wishlist (bolding hers):
Overall in fiction, though, the biggest thing I look for is whether the story features an active protagonist. I only acquire projects in which the protagonist is the guiding force behind why the story happens. This doesn’t mean the protagonist has to create the inciting event, though it does mean the storyline should only run in the direction it does because the decisions of the protagonist lead it. I like protagonists with goals who, by trying to reach their goals, cause the story to happen. If the plotline is directed by any other character’s actions or goals, odds are the story will not be for me.
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