A 99 word ff piece I just submitted to a local newspaper contest

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Apr 1, 2008
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Apologies if this is considered off topic, since it isn't from a flash fiction prompt here, but I will have to wait till December to see if it gets selected to be published, and they aren't going to critique it either way, I figured I would bring it here to at least maybe learn something from y'all. There was no prompt, and the limit was 99 words, not including title.======================
"Inspired by a true nightmare"
I have a recurring dream that my feet are falling apart, piece by piece, every night in my bed. I wake, yank back the sheet, always finding my stubby toes and fallen arches intact. It's windy tonight. Loud. I take an Ambien and listen to a guided meditation. A shattering window rips me conscious and launches me toward the door. I lose my footing and fall, twisting to see a gelatinous stump where my right ankle should be. My missing foot falls from the rumpled bed with a thud, slowly unraveling into flesh-colored worms, crawling toward me. I scream...
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