2021 - 7 - Character Development - Guiding Principles

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May 15, 2020
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There are any number of characteristics that help a reader know who they are dealing with, the way they speak, the actions they take, the tone, the pacing, all of these. And, for this week, we worked on their guiding principles - the north star that guides their decisions. Every character has their own internal structure that makes them who they are. They do things and say things not because it fits the plot, but because it's what they would do, often in conflict with their own interests. They may intellectually understand what should be done and still do what their nature asks of them. This is the skill we practice this week.

Share you thoughts on guiding principles of your characters. Hopefully, with each of these we get a chance to build characters that live in our stories both in the story and independent of it.
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