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    Welcome To Share Your Work (SYW)

    • Please read this entire announcement.
    • Read the stickies in SYW Start Here and the stickies in sub-forums where you post.
    • Remember that Respect your Fellow Writer (RYFW) always applies.

    Starting New Threads in SYW

    You need 50 posts before you can start a new thread in Share Your Work

    Read the Stickies

    Read the SYW general stickies here and in the SYW sub-forums where you post, especially in Query Letter Hell SYW.

    See especially the Share Your Work Guidlines and Before Posting In SYW and Some Advice for Poster New to Share Your Work.

    Warn Readers of Adult Content or Sensitive Content In the Thread Title

    If your excerpt is not suitable for everyone (that is, at least PG or PG-13), contains adult content or language, place a warning in the thread title. Potential issues include:

    • Strong language (profanity)
    • Strong (or explicit) sexuality
    • [Extreme] violence
    • Mature themes or subject matters

    Access to Erotica SYW

    Keep in mind that threads in Erotica SYW contain adult content by default, and you need to provide a statement via Conversation to MacAllister or AW Admin that you are an adult in order to receive access.

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