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04-11-2008, 04:05 PM
I recently completed a fictional diary, My Days In The Beast, by an Islamic extremist scouting and reporting on potential targets in the US for inclusion in the great, soon to come, American apocalypse. He was keeping the record for his brother and sons so, should he not return, they would know the part he played in the greatest Jihad on behalf of Islam. The diary is in chronological order with each day in Arabic followed by the English translation. It is 25K words covering three (3) weeks, along with an introduction, daily entries, photographs, a glossary of Islamic terms and a conclusion.

I was visited several times (as have our neighbors) by the FBI and Homeland Security Agents primarily interested in the source of my data and if I received any classified material from inside the government.....I didn't. They ask for and received a copy of my outline, some notes, literary contacts and research sources. I was asked to provide any revisions prior to publication and told that as long as no national security violations were found they would not, nor could they, legally oppose publication. At first I was a little shaken but after I thought about it I was also very impressed by their visit for a work in progress. I asked how they knew but of course they wouldn't tell. As I had visited a great number of Islamic and Jihad related sites, applied for a copyright and used translation services I assume they monitor these and other sites / services and so, obtained my address.

Now, here's my question..... Having completed the diary, obtained copyright and ISBN, and having an initial 100 copies printed can I still search for an agent with any hope of success? I had intended to self-publish as I have several personal 911 related reasons for creation of the diary but friends have strongly suggested an agent.

Any suggestions, questions or recommendations are appreciated.

04-11-2008, 06:02 PM
25000 words is too short for a novel, especially if the Arabic passages are included in the word count. Agents don't usually represent short fiction, apart from collections of stories. This doesn't mean you couldn't give it a shot -- the unusual offering sometimes finds its unusual advocates and audience.

You might try shopping this to magazines as a sort of "docufic". If the Arabic is included in the 25K, and if you were willing to take it out, leaving only the English "translation", you might have a piece of workable length.

04-11-2008, 08:40 PM
What a story! Your police state intrigues me.