View Full Version : Beta Reader who loves music-inspired fiction (chicklit)

03-22-2008, 01:31 PM
about the work: I have been working on a novel for about two years now and it's "music-inspired" chicklit. Right now it's still a work in progress, although I hope to be finished with it by this summer. The readership I'm directing this toward is an older YA and early-twenties audience. This is also a novel that uses a lot of vulgarities and sex-talk/partying, so if you are offended by any of this sort of stuff, best not volunteer.

about the beta reader:
I would prefer a reader who

Has at least a bit of history on the board, because this is the first time I've EVER shown a stranger my work, and I am really protective of it.
Doesn't mind just getting one chapter at a time, and understands that that this will be a long process (i.e., won't hassle me about sending more stuff every few weeks).
Absolutely has to be interested in chicklit, and understands the reason for a younger-sounding voice, which is explained above
Can give to-the-point criticism, but does it gently, and isn't afraid to suggest where they see the story going.
Will not be perturbed by mild grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors, because I'm saving this stuff for last.
As an add-on to above, will not do any sort of copy/line/etc. editing on manuscript and will just tell me their thoughts.
The only thing I ask as far as credentials go is that you have done this before and you are familiar with the writing process.Please msg me privately if you think you might be interested.

I am willing to do a trade, but I would prefer to trade only with YA or Chicklit writers. This is what I read, so this is what I'm best at critiquing.