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03-24-2004, 12:35 PM
OneYearAdventure.com is a teach English in China program that often advertises in forums that would attract writers and actors.

Such a program would seem to interest young artists.

Dr. Loren the guy over the program, apparently had no license to operate the business. He brought 8 American teachers over who it must be said foolishly went to China without a work contract or visa simply doing on the fraudster's promises.

Some of the Americans as I understand have been deporting by the authorities in Beijing, as they never had authorization to be there. Here are some clips from two emails I received.

"for truth be told, were it not for your craigslist posting i would most likely not be in china today, but no thanks to your (dis)organization, it has not been easy. those of us remaing in china like to call your little business the one WEEK adventure. we like to laugh about being greeted at the door our first night here by bob loren in his underwear, stroking a rabbit and hiding young boys in his room (where in plain site can be found Family Album U.S.A., a library of gay porn and empty jars of vaseline).

but to each his own, for that really has nothing to do with the real problem, which is that you and bob loren diliberatley mislead us into coming to china without revealing that your's was an illegal operation in violation of both china law and u.s. state department's warnings against fly-by-night businesses offering teaching gigs and work permits.

i should say that if the good Photoshop Doc is still in beijing he is quite lucky that none of us have (yet) dropped the dime on him and his goings-on; gary - you were smart to leave china when you did lest the @#%$ hit the legal fan, as you most likely anticipated. you knew you were breaking chinese law by brokering teaching jobs without a business license.

aside from the legality of your practice, how about just the @#%$ up notion of letting eight kids from america give up their jobs, homes, cars, LIVES, and entrust ourselves in "dr." loren's hands? true, we knew the risks coming out here, but you both blatantly lied to us about your business - dr. loren has no doctrate degree; he is a fraud. you never had international investors; YOU were the mystery investor who pulled out. you never had jobs in beijing lined up for us; one week after arriving in beijing, dr. loren only ever had ONE job offer for us, some shitty gig in central china. in fact, most of our "memorandum of understanding" was bullshit; not even the chinese would use it for toilet paper."

"I greatly appreciated your lovely 'Oops! We totally @#%$ up!' e-mail sent
after teachers had already arrived and within days of the rest of our
imminent departures for China. But a little advice? Perhaps you could
better time that notice in the future and send it before eight people spend
over 800USD on plane tickets and countless additional dollars on visas,
health examinations, and moving expenses. I certainly would have
appreciated the information before I quit two fantastic jobs, moved out of
my apartment and wasted two months in rent for a location I no longer
occupied, put my cat up for adoption, traveled 300 miles to move my
belongings into storage, and spent a month emotionally preparing my family
and friends for my absence."

From from anyone whose nation is attached to this program, namely Dr. Loren and Gary Friedman!

04-12-2004, 04:33 AM
Wow! That is scary! Thanks for posting this most important bit of information! As writers, it is crucial to gain experience and travel is a good one. I don't think getting a full cavity search by any foreign authorities would be a good experience. At least not for most writers on this message board!!!:thumbs

07-15-2005, 06:58 PM
Not really a writing scam, but it sounds a lot scarrier than people who just take your money and your writing. Sounds as though OneYear Adventures is more adventure than most would want.

09-12-2005, 08:09 AM
JustinoIV and anyone else who has experienced the scam that is Dr. Loren's OneYear Adventure:Please contact me ASAP (reply to this post), as I have a question and some information about this so called "Dr. Loren." Hopefully, we can help each other out.


01-21-2008, 11:30 PM
Here's Friedman's story: http://www.friedmanarchives.com/China/Web/TOC.HTM

10-10-2008, 12:15 AM
JustinoIV and anyone else who has experienced the scam that is Dr. Loren's OneYear Adventure:Please contact me ASAP (reply to this post), as I have a question and some information about this so called "Dr. Loren." Hopefully, we can help each other out.


I was one who was recruited. Everything went reletively smooth for me, mostly because I got into town late. So, when I arrived in Datong everyone had a war-torn look about them. And yes, a bunch of the people that "Dr." Bob had recruited were completely worthless. The ones that Rian decided to keep, however, were pretty good.

I just read some of the post that was put up by Gary. It's interesting to hear the story he heard. Lots of missing pieces that make a lot more sense the way I heard them. The only thing that I don't refute is that Rian beat him up (he probably did - I can't say it for certain, as I never met Bob face to face), but Rian told me without reservation that, given the oppurtunity, he would kill Bob.

Rian was very angry at and about Bob, but if what was being said about him is true, he is quite justified in his anger.

10-10-2008, 04:58 AM
Since this isn't really writing-related, I'm closing the thread.

- Victoria