View Full Version : MEMOIR WRITING QUESTION --"17 to Life"

03-03-2008, 08:46 PM
Been thinking about my life story since high school. Immigrant to the US age 9, wide eyed, awaiting the dream. Brooklyn, NY middle schooler questioning the reality. Adolescent willing to deal in it. In my unpublished manuscript 17 to Life, I tap into the changing voice of a boy becoming a man becoming a human being in America. I speak to that journey unlike most books on the market today. I ain't famous so I'm not bringing readers and their money to a perspective publisher. But I have compelling story to tell, one that reminds us the American dream is a struggle within more than without and the process to it is a walk to greatness... How do I get noticed? Why my story?

I went so far as to upload videos of me narrating the first few chapters of my manuscript on Youtube. I put images and sound to make the words more dramatic. The voice is my own and the words are taken from the manuscript.

As writers, what do you think of the words? Would you continue reading the story? As a gatekeeper in the industry, would you publish these words? Feedback appreciated.

The New Immigrant

Dining in America

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Black Boy Middle School, Part 1 (of 4)