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03-02-2008, 02:42 PM
Title: The Gatekeeper
Author: Richard Blackburn
Publication Date: September 9, 2006
Publisher: Zeus Publications

Trade Paperback
ISBN: 1-9211-1854-7
Price: $AUS23-95

Watching the sun rise on the midsummer solstice at Stonehenge, Jenny's holiday takes a terrifying turn when a chance combination of time, location and ancient Druid magic sweeps her back to the year 1347. The ancient Gatekeeper, who should have guarded against this, intends to hide Jenny in the safety of her cave until the next time warp, but fate is against them.
Jenny finds she has to live in the squalid conditions of a peasant village but she is soon on the run after exposing a fraudulent tax collector. Hiding in the forest, she saves a Lady from thieves and is taken to live in her castle, but she is not much better off there after she uncovers the young son'e murderous plot to depose the old Lord, his father.
Matters are made worse by the greed of a powerful neighbour and the evil magician which controls him. After many terrifying encounters, everything depends upon the final battle between the vast army of the Dark Lord of Blackraven Moor and the small force of Glenhaven Castle.
Can Jenny's ingenuity save the day? And, more importantly, can it get her back to her own century?

Publisher: www.zeus-publications.com (http://www.zeus-publications.com)
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