View Full Version : Analyze the characters in LOST. **Spoilers**

02-26-2008, 01:20 AM
Hope it's okay to have two LOST threads. This one has a different subject than the other.

We can all probably agree that LOST has a great set of characters. No two are alike and have unusual personality quirks, interesting pasts and good lines.

As writers, we strive for creating characters like these: ones that stand out and are memorable and endearing.

I'd like to suggest that we analyze those characters we enjoy watching. Perhaps we can learn to build better characters in our own stories.

Keep the thread free and open. Post whatever comes to mind about any of them.

Feel free to quote any of the characters, too. Sawyer especially has a lot of great lines and wacky nicknames for fellow castaways.

I'll start.


He's the bad guy with the heart of gold (shown infrequently, but it's there)
A professional con-man.
Has killed several people now, including Locke's father.
Can't play ping pong very well.

Line heard in season 1: "I just got tortured by a spinal surgeon and genuine Iraqui."



Celia Cyanide
02-28-2008, 09:08 AM
By far my favorite character. Named for a philosopher. He should not be able to walk, and yet he can. It seems to be because the island likes him.

It's interesting to see where he is now. He's at the barracks, and eating food out of a refrigerator, which is something he scolded Ben for doing. "If you understood what this place was, you wouldn't be putting chicken in your refrigerator." Jacob hates technology, which may be why Locke can't find him anymore. Perhaps he is becoming the new Ben?

He killed Naomi, and I understand Terry O'Quinn yelled at the writers for making him do this. He couldn't understand why Locke was unable to kill his father, who was a soulless waste of skin, and yet he could kill Naomi.

Quote: "I just...killed a chicken."