View Full Version : Got my Ed Letter This Week . . . .

02-03-2008, 07:03 AM
And it was awesome! Seriously, I'm so excited by the depth that my editor is going to pull up out of this book.

But man, it's going to be SO much work.:flag:

Exciting though.:)

clara bow
02-03-2008, 07:07 AM
woot! that's exciting! sounds like you have a sharp editor.

Lisa McMann
02-03-2008, 08:40 AM
It's overwhelming sometimes to think about making those deep changes, but if you take them one issue at a time, it feels much easier.

Congrats to you on your terrific deal! I saw it on PM but haven't found the chance to congratulate you until now. Enjoy the ride!


02-03-2008, 11:27 PM
Just like a long baby-labor, these changes will be a labor of love - and totally worth it when those checks come in! :D Have fun!

02-05-2008, 03:02 AM
I love the editing stage. I used to be a magazine editor before I became a novelist, so that says something. But enjoy this period and learn from every suggestion. I think it really helps to improve your writing when you can be open to other people's opinions of your work.