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01-21-2008, 02:06 PM
We've all heard them, read them, said them: 'a penny earned', 'like shooting ducks in a barrel', 'a white elephant' and many more, cliches, popular phrases, so often used they're threadbare.

Take one and turn it around--make it roar, growl, weep, creep, snicker and whine. Fill out the moldly oldy off the top of your head and leave a teaser for the next person!

Example: 'never crossed his mind'
(variations like my mind, her mind are okay--just keep the main phrase pls.)

ďMoi? Have a harem?Ē

That thought never crossed Tamís mind.

It did a satellite sweep with ultraviolet, infrared and stealth radar. It did an aerial reconnaissance survey, accounting for patterns of wildlife migration, environmental impact ,and oodles of subterranean research delving into dark tight wet spaces. It consulted shamans, Norse runes, feng shui,and the I-ching.

Tamís mind measured and plumbed, planned and plotted graph peaks and flow charts, methodically collecting evidence. It calculated the space needed for the fewest trees removed. His mind accounted for the latitude, longitude, magnetic north vs. true north, the jet stream, El Nino, La Nina, and the annual flight of the swallows to Capistrano. It consulted astrological charts, moon phases, the statues at Easter Island, ley lines for the Northern hemisphere and the preponderance of brown bands to black in woolly bear caterpillars found in Virginia for the last three hundred years.

The harem thought never crossed Tamís mind.

It built a residence, engineered from the ground up with designer dungeons, three dozen play rooms and enough shackles, whips and other toys to make the Bastille moldy green with envy and collapse from sheer apoplexy. It took controlling stock of Victoriaís Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood. It decorated with shades of royal blue and Phoenician purple, and then depleted thousands of geese of their down for pillows, coverlets and mattresses.

The harem thought never crossed Tamís mind.

It settled down and lived happily ever after.

new prompt: Good as gold