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08-30-2003, 10:55 PM
Glendale, CA.

My experience--

She demands 15% and refuses to pay for any up front expense-- e.g., copies of scripts.
Disorganized-- didn't read the work, lost scripts, didn't follow up on leads.
Unprofessional -- has no record of sales, no valuable contacts, broke our contract.
Has other priorities- she's a Real estate agent.

Just thought you should know.

06-19-2004, 01:00 PM
living in L.A. for many years, and being involved in the film business, I can tell you that there are MANY such people who profess to be agents or producers. Most are full of you know what. It's the easiest thing for a person to come up with a name, a business card, and email address, and some hype. The movie business is the crap shoot of all crap shoots, the emphasis on CRAP. Be VERY aware of who and what you may be dealing with when it comes to screenplays, as even many so called legitimate people in the business are full of the same substance.

James D. Macdonald
07-24-2005, 06:42 AM
The real ones have real deals that you can find out about in multiple places.

01-14-2006, 11:08 PM
Unfortunately, as a newbie screenplay writer, I took the first "manager" I could get, namely, Vicki Clark of Clark Management Company.

I did most of the peddling of my work, the marketing and the groundwork; unbeknown to me, Vicki Clark was taking my leads and using them for other writers in the stable at Clark Management Company, though I never gave her explicit or implicit permission to do so; this is an illegal/unethical activity called leveraging. (Basically, by promoting the works of other writers over my own by using the leads I garnered, Ms. Clark effectively sabotaged my marketing efforts and created internal, unwarranted and highly unwanted competition that I did not need.)

Fortunately, I fired Ms. Clark (but before doing so, I signed on with a legitimate agency in Europe) for incompetence and for unethical and illegal behavior. And yes, she does lose paperwork; she doesn't know crap about how to operate a computer, and doesn't understand the concept of keeping a master copy of a document in an office in case copies of that document get lost in the mail. (She would frequently ask me why I had sent her a screenplay not having punch holes in it; and I would patiently, over and over again, explain that this version of the screenplay I sent her was a master copy, and that in case it was needed, she could take this master copy to Kinko's and make a copy for mailing from the master copy; this concept -- not exactly Einsteinian physics or rocket science -- seemed to go way above her head.)

Also, I did write the California Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau of Southern California, the Writers Guilds of America West and East and several other agencies about her activities (leveraging and other issues, etc.). In turn, she also, at one time, had a Web site, and on her Web site I posted a warning message to potential writers, actors, etc. At least 39 people wrote me regarding this message (before Vicki Clark discovered it, though it took her about a year to do so! LOL) and I let them know, in detail, exactly what happened; I still correspond with a few of these people, and they still thank me for steering them away from Vicki Clark.

I did this because I'm tired of seeing writers getting ripped off; everyone thinks they can treat a writer like a **** and get away with it; Vicki Clark did not get away with anything; perhaps she might have a few low-buget sales here and there (even blind hogs find acorns once in awhile), but the point is, her karma is coming back to her; I search the Web once in awhile, and I'm finding more and more negative remarks, etc., about her, her unprofessionalism and her overall incompetence in leading Clark Management Company.

As of this writing, today, I have an agent here in the U.S. (whom I signed on with in 2004) and, of course, the one in Europe; I've got lots of options, I've got sales and life in the Bay Area is perfect!

Firing Vicki Clark (which I did in June, 2003) was the best I ever did artistically, professionally and personally!

Thanks for letting me vent!

01-27-2006, 07:43 AM
I wanted to write some additional information to help fellow writers out there avoid *******s like Vicki Clark.

Here are the tips that have helped me:

*If someone wants to represent you, do a thorough background check on them; that means doing an Internet search, writing the WGAw, contacting the Better Business Burea and posting notices online, etc.; and if possible, meet with the person; if your gut instinct says no, then don't sign on with the agent or manager; why suffer?

*If possible, visit the building in which your potential agent/manager has their office; at the time, when I signed on with Vicki Clark, I was living in the greater Seattle area, and couldn't easily go down to the greater Los Angeles area; and unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to visit her "offices" in Glendale, CA. (I eventually did; as the first poster said, she's a real-estate agent; she has an rinky-dink office in Glendale that her mother owns, and that Vicki Clark uses for free.)

*Regarding the above point: After I fired Vicki Clark in June, 2003, another agent contacted me; I went to Los Angeles and looked for his office; and oh, he had an office in a nice building in Beverly Hills all right...He had one of those small mail boxes in a UPS (formerly Mail Boxes, Etc.) Store. Needless to say, I passed on signing on with this jerk who claimed he worked in the "heart of Bevery Hills" in a "multi-room office".

*Never, EVER accept abuse from an agent or a manager; abuse comes in many forms; it can be verbal, and it can be in the agent's or manager's not doing the requisite work that a writer-agent/manager relationship requires. (More about this in a few moments, please.) Point is, if someone attempts to bully you, they are not your friend; and believe me, Vicki Clark IS a bully WHEN she thinks she can get away with it; and like all bullies, she's a coward; because of her lack of a backbone, she failed to go through with follow-up on two of my deals. (In other words, Vicki Clark likes to push beginning writers around, but if some producer snaps at her, she whimpers like a miniature poodle, wets the floor and hides under a sofa.)

*More about the above point: If your agent or manager does not have chutzpah (guts), don't go with them; wimps and wussies (like Vicki Clark) do not make it in Hollywood. Period. You need someone who's going to fight for you, not run away with their tail covering their genitals and the stripe down their back glowing bright yellow.

Vicki Clark did the following:

*She repeatedly failed to send out screenplays that potential producers and investors were waiting for. (I didn't discover these things until after the fact, that is, until after I got a call or e-mail from a producer or investor, wondering what in the hell was going on.)

*She bungled a comedy deal I was doing by telling the potential actress (a friend of Alice Cooper) that she, Vicki Clark, didn't know about the comedy screenplay I was writing at the time. (I had written Vicki Clark at least three times about this comedy screenplay, and had mentioned, at least three times, that I was going to contact this actress, whose manager, in turn, was going to contact her, Vicki Clark. Needless to say, the actress and her people have refused to have anything to do with me; in other words, Vicki Clark could have told the manager, Let me get with Bob about this and see what's going on; instead, she played the ignoramus who has her head shoved up her you know what and ruined something upon which I worked very hard.)

*She repeatedly lost my work and copies of my work.

People have asked, Why did you stay with her, then?


Because I was a newbie screenplay writer who believed that I "had" to have some form of representation in Hollywood, no matter how bad that representation was.

This I learned: Better to have no representation at all than to have crappy representation.

Don't be a victim, people! Remember: We are the music-makers/And we are the dreamers of dreams! It's our imaginations that Hollywood uses and exploits! Ultimately, we, as writers, have the say; we have the power!

Thanks again; please write me if you want further details!

04-05-2006, 03:41 AM
dear writers,

after speaking to a new client today, he directed me to a slanderous letter from bob prestridge written in 2003.

he was the only writer i ever let into my home, and the letter he wrote was filled with so many lies that i am prompted to write a rebuttal letter.

my reputation is all that i have, and i have a good one, and i think mr. prestridge forgot that karma goes both ways, that he is not above the karmic laws himself.

i had to get an attorney to stop bob prestridge and his pursuit to slander me, so a word to the wise, don't believe everything you read on the internet.

kind regards,

vicki clark, clark management

04-05-2006, 03:44 AM
[edit--this post was originally second in a new thread]

I suggest you post a more coherent rebuttal, to a more clearly identified accusation, with standard punctuation if you want to correct any misaprehensions rather than add to them. However, in most cases there is little that can be done about what appears online other than letting it fade from public view by not responding.

04-05-2006, 03:53 AM

04-05-2006, 04:14 AM

04-05-2006, 06:58 AM
I also suggest you read the board request not to start new threads on topics we already have threads for. This will be folded into an existing thread on Vicki Clark.

"iampuresuccess." Puh-leeze. Can we say, "overcompensation"? Name one sale you've made to to a legit publisher, Vicki.

04-05-2006, 07:08 AM
don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Thanks for the advice. I will definitely be taking it.

04-05-2006, 07:10 AM
I suggest maybe posting the rebuttal in the same thread... [EDIT: mod merged the threads, so ignore that!]

It took you THREE YEARS to find this? You didn't ever in that time look up your name in Google? Where "Vicki Clark, Clark Management" finds a link to the OLD version of this site as the first link!

You say your reputation is important, I think you will find that Googling a prospective agent is (or will become) common practice with every new client.

Mac H.
04-05-2006, 11:55 AM
dear writers,

after speaking to a new client today, he directed me to a slanderous letter from bob prestridge written in 2003.

he was the only writer i ever let into my home, and the letter he wrote was filled with so many lies that i am prompted to write a rebuttal letter.This is so amateurish it has to be a joke.

For a start, the writer is now claiming that a Mr Bob Prestridge is a slanderous liar - which in itself may be defamation.

For another point, a google of "Bob Prestridge" and either "Viki Clark" or "Clark Management" gives zero hits - so it's not like the letter was people's first piece of information about Ms Clark. As has been pointed out - this thread is.



Kasey Mackenzie
04-05-2006, 07:11 PM
Not to mention that a letter isn't slander, it's libel. Any halfway decent businessperson should know that, much less someone in the publishing industry. And here's a tip: the shift key is your friend.

04-06-2006, 02:12 AM
I am a writer in California, with various credits and accomplishments. Among these, in the 'what-have-you-done' category, are as many as six feature scripts optioned in the past four years, three paid 'for-hire' feature assignments in the last year (two in pre-production), numerous children's books, produced audio-plays, a new stage play, a documentary filming in South Africa, articles about my scripts and writing last year in Creative Screenwriting and Scr(i)pt magazines, years as a journalist, lots of 'spec' scripts, and you-name-it. I have been working with Vicki Clark of Clark Management for as long as six years or more. Rumors of her incompetence or malice really have no place in my thoughts, as someone who has known and worked with her. Vicky is consistently up-beat, uniquely positive, and a great encourager and friend for any writer. She always takes my calls, and although she is busy will usually talk with me about anything related to my plans and goals. She will frequently look at new scripts, without a fee, and has often contacted producers, studios and companies on my behalf with material she feels would suit the buyer. Vicky handled the option-deal and paperwork on my script 'Snowball's Chance' to Film Story Productions in Beverly Hills in 2003, and she did a great job---she reviewed the contract, sent faxes back-and-forth, helped me decide what to do and how to get the best deal, and made phone calls. That option-sale contract was worth $200,000 (the film was not made but it was nice for a beginner). Vicki did all this for her agreed-on fee of 15-percent of the deal, which is certainly reasonable. Aside from this, she reads my scripts, sends them out, and in many ways acts as a 'friend in the business' who I can call and talk to free of charge, to get advice or just a shoulder-to-cry-on. One of my projects this year (view details at www.cinewerx.com) is in hot pursuit of funding to roll cameras at this year's Cannes Film Festival, and attracted the attention of actors like Kevin Kline, Skeet Ulrich, Jeff Bridges, Giovanni Ribisi, and others. I now work with both a regular literary agent and Vicki on this and other projects---if Vicki gets involved, she works hard and earns her fee, and as a manager rather than an agent, we work together on this type of arrangement. Is it really appropriate to harm someone's reputation based on another person's hurt feelings or personal failures and disappointments, without any knowlege of the individual involved? In the whacky world of writing film-plays for sale, you could do a lot worse than knowing someone like Vicky, who has always treated me well. What's the problem with her not paying to make copies? Those costs add up! Anyway, all antagonisms are complimentary, and in Vicki's case, antagonism is out of place, from someone who knows her. Details on my writing and career are at my website at www.tcsn.net/kuma

04-06-2006, 02:25 AM
Pog, could you please confirm whether Ms. Clark indeed posted the "rebuttal" above? If that is indeed she, the unprofessional presentation reflects far more poorly on her than the "slanderous" letter mentioned. If that is not her, then please encourage her to present her side of the story. Preferably in standard English.

04-06-2006, 02:27 AM
Did you just happen to come here all on your own or did someone ask you to come speak on her behalf?

04-06-2006, 02:54 AM
I won't deny it. I heard Vicky was being trashed here and was asked to add my comments. I can't really confirm the above rebuttal. It's somewhat amazing to me that her character or professionalism would be at issue. If you are a professional writer yourself, you will either work with someone you feel good about or not---we all know there are sharks out there, and Vicki is not one of them. But the poor girl has to earn a living, as do we all. I can't vouch for her resume, accomplishments, big film deals, celebrity relationships, or the type of paper costs she has for copies. When I was starting out (and I have a ways to go yet for that Oscar), Vicki took a chance on me and I took a chance on her. Any beginning writer feels better with a professional relationship with a working manager or agent---it looks good on submissions, and you can honestly tell buyers and potential business relationships of your own that you are 'represented'. But only a real novice expects a manager or agent to move mountains or work for charity-cases, or to be 'perfect'. Business is business, and I've never once felt Vicki was anything less than a professional, working-person, trying hard to do the best for me and for her own interests. I think the truth here is that Vicki somehow made an enemy in the past somehow, and thus began the slander---as a manager or agent, there is never a lack for second-guessing the cost of postage or why-didn't-you-do-this. To know her is to love her---she's a fine person and I have no qualms about sticking up for her whether I was asked to or not. I don't actually log onto this forum very often.

Andrew Jameson
04-06-2006, 03:01 AM
So is it Vicky Clark or Vicki Clark? Or does she go by both?

04-06-2006, 03:13 AM
Did or did not Vicki/y post the above "rebuttal"? It's admirable for you to defend her, but the best way for her to salvage her reputation is to do it herself. But if the above is the best she can do, then....

04-06-2006, 03:45 AM
I find it very telling of “rhprestridge’s” pathetic mental state that despite having cancelled his contract with Ms. Vicki Clark in 2003, three years later, he still finds the time enough to put effort into writing an asinine blog about her.

Ms. Clark is one of the last honest, hard-working people in the business, and I am proud to be one of her clients. I was directed to this site after I received an e-mail from a fellow writer in New York who was seeking representation, and thought I should see what had been written about my manager. I feel obligated to respond to the shameful lies posted on this chat board, as Ms. Clark has been responsible for my connections to and deals with producers in L.A.

I wonder if any of you “pros” have any idea how long it takes to make a film, but just in case you need a reminder, it’s anywhere from 5 to 10 years. It took ten years to make “WALK THE LIINE.”

The legitimate producers and screenwriters who deal with Ms. Clark on a day-to-day basis would quickly dismiss any slanderous comments posted on this nonsense blog and attest to the fact that she has a fine reputation.

Ms. Clark leads this industry in integrity and ethics, and anyone who says different has not done any real business with her. Thanks to her, I am making money and have a life… more than I can say for “rhprestridge” and the rest of his goons.

Claire O’Neil,

04-06-2006, 04:00 AM
I wonder why Vicki or her cheering section think that storming in here and insulting everyone with semi-literate rants is going to improve her image? Readers of forums are quite capable of seeing a post from one person as being their own opinion and of dubious worth on its own.

However the belated response to it suggests a person who responds impulsively and who turns to her clients for emotional support and counter-attacks. Almost everyone sometimes has to suffer a negative online report and many of these are inaccurate--how a person responds to these sling and arrows is, however, under their control and reflects on their character and professionalism. Perhaps Vicki will return herself and give a more reasoned response in order to set the record straight.

04-06-2006, 05:33 AM
Would Vicki or any of her supporters list one title she's sold? Vague references to projects without verifiable facts are useless and silly.

And please don't trot out that scammer's line about deals being "confidential." Deals are public knowledge; an agent is an author's public face. Agents who won't list sales by name don't have sales.

04-06-2006, 06:58 AM
Sometimes, some of you who wish to write, particularly for films, may discover that success can be measured in terms of relationships, as much as 'who sold what' or IMBd status. Not everyone is selling big-buck scripts, but we're all trying to make a living. You will not likely secure a manager or agent to represent your work, based solely on their latest big sale to Dreamworks or Universal---if that were so, we'd all make those choices. And remember: a fish in a fracas is a far-fetched phenomenum.

04-06-2006, 07:10 AM
Want to try for something coherent, Pog?

04-06-2006, 09:04 AM
I think what Pog is saying, Aconite, is "None."Upon reflection, I do believe you're right.

Kasey Mackenzie
04-06-2006, 06:07 PM
Paragraphs are also your friend. No way I'm reading a 50 line rant that's not even broken up into simple paragraphs. But it doesn't sound like I'm missing much anyway.

I just love it when tons of "newbies" rush in to defend someone the moment people dare to discuss the pros and cons of certain businesses/agents. Like we can't add two and two together...

04-06-2006, 07:28 PM
M'kay, we've had a chorus of Happy Clients, none of whom deny that iampuresuccess is Vicki....

Behold the level of communication this "agent" achieves, folks, and decide accordingly.

04-17-2006, 08:49 PM
FYI, here's a typical listing for her now:

Principal: Vicki Clark
Query information: Via email only at
iampuresuccess@hotmail.com.So I think we can be confident that the "rebuttal" was indeed by Vicki herself.

I also found this:


A famous Hollywood producer once said,
"There better not be one typo in a script if you're asking me for money."
I manage screenwriters. I read scripts every day that have supposedly been edited. They are fraught with typos and grammatical errors.
When my Proofreading Division edits your script, you won't have any errors. $1 per page.
Vicki Clark 818.240.5808
iampuresuccess@hotmail.com And while she's mentioned as "my manager" on many websites (most dead or outdated), there's still no mention of her actually selling a script.

ETA: As part of Dave's project, I ran both her old and new addresses. Results are negative, beyond a DJ occupies her old one and a lot of Real Estate Agencies share her new one.

04-21-2006, 06:28 AM
There's an old saying: When you throw a rock into a dark alley and hear a scream, you sure as hell know you've hit something (as painfully obvious and simplistic as this sounds).

The posts (granite rocks in this case, I suppose) that I threw after I found Clark Management in the Bewares and Background Check section of this Website have caused quite a few screams; I chose to post my comments, because of my experiences with Ms. Clark, as a warning to others considering working with such an articulate, intelligent and coherent artistic "manager"; here, I'm sure, my sarcasm eludes her and her athletic supporters.

Caveat emptor in other words, fellow writers.

And for those not in the know -- Vicki Clark and her athletic supporters, it seems -- caveat emptor means "let the buyer beware".

If Vicki Clark claims to edit screenplays and manage artists, and if her "rebuttal" is typical of her writing -- and it is, because I've saved all of her correspondence, in soft- and hard-copy formats -- and if writing is a reflection of the clarity (or lack thereof) of one's own thinking and cognitive processes, which it is, it becomes painfully clear that doing business with her as a “buyer” (writer or author or whatever you wish to be called) might not be such a wise thing to do, to which I can experientially testify. It also becomes painfully clear that Ms. Clark's athletic supporters aren't quite playing with a full deck. Or, as the case might be, the lights aren't on in the attic; if Ms. Clark and her athletic supporters believe that I'm accusing them of being not too bright, they get a gold star for the day.

A few notes about and for Ms. Clark, and about and for her ardent, and somewhat rabidly histrionic, athletic supporters, and a recap of things discussed in previous posts, along with a few additional points to drive the last nails into the coffin:

There are several Bob Prestridges online.
I am R.H. Prestridge.
There might be a Bob Prestridge who does non-fiction writing.
That being the case, Ms. Clark, I suggest you qualify your accusations very carefully, because that particular Bob Prestridge might take serious offense to what you wrote.
I don't like to fight.
I'll fight when provoked, however. (Like when I retaliated against an older, bigger bully when I was in preschool and bashed his head with a brick.)
Bullies are cowards.
It seems that one bully is still attempting to push people around.
I won't take crap from a bully.
I stand up to bullies.
I don't fear bullies.
I particularly don't fear stupid bullies.
I particularly don't fear stupid bullies posing as literary agents or manager, or predators and parasites in sheep's clothing, as it were.
I definitely don't fear Ms. Clark.
It seems that one stupid bully just got her teeth deservedly knocked down her throat, figuratively speaking.
I made the mistake, as a newbie screenplay writer, of taking on Vicki Clark of Clark Management Company as a manager because I failed to do adequate background checks, etc.
I have admitted to this mistake.
Other clowns like Vicki Clark have contacted me; I have dealt with them appropriately but refusing to return phone calls, answer e-mails, etc., etc.
I found 99.999% of my leads, garnered from friends, the Hollywood Creative Directory, personal meetings with producers and others, through online searches, etc., etc., when I was "managed" by Vicki Clark of Clark Management Company.
It took hundreds of hours to garner these leads.
It took a considerable amount of money in phone bills, gasoline expenses, etc., etc., to garner these leads.
I intended these leads to be used solely and exclusively for the marketing and benefit of my own work.
Vicki Clark never asked permission to use these leads for the benefit of any other writers she "represented".
I never gave Vicki Clark permission, explicit or implicit, to use these leads for the benefit of anyone else.
Using leads (or anything else placed within a fiduciary relationship) without permission is called leveraging, in legal parlance.
Leveraging, in this sense, creates unneeded, unwanted, unethical and internally generated competition.
Leveraging is stealing.
Garry Shandling sued his ex-representative for leveraging.
One instance of leveraging, no matter how small, no matter how big, is a serious, serious ethical, professional and legal violation.
Multiply that by perhaps dozens of instances, documented and undocumented, and things become that much worse.
I discovered one instance of leveraging in March, 2003, when Vicki Clark, in a phone call, admitted to sending additional screenplays written by others, along with a few screenplays of my own, to a production company in Ireland.
I wrote Vicki Clark e-mails about this leveraging.
I have retained her responses regarding this leveraging.
I found another instance of leveraging occurring with a production company in Germany.
I have e-mails regarding this instance of leveraging, too.
I had garnered this lead, the one regarding the production company in Germany, through InkTip.com, Jerrol LeBaron's Website.
I and I alone paid to have all of my work placed online at InkTip.com.
The right to earn a living doesn't give you the right to steal or leverage resources from a client.
The right to earn a living doesn't give you the right to act negligently.
The right to earn a living doesn't give you the right to commit malpractice, whether as a lawyer, a doctor or in any professional or non-professional position.
You can get sued for leveraging.
You can get sued for malpractice.
You can get sued for incompetence.
Had I the money or time or power, I would have gladly sued Ms. Clark for leveraging, malpractice and incompetence.
Instances of negligence and incompetence on Ms. Clark's part include the loss of my screenplays, the inadvertent sabotaging of a comedy screenplay (cf. the previous posts) and other acts and instances for which I can provide evidence. (Cf. the points below.)
For people who claim to be professional writers or editors, or both, your writing sure does suck.
Regarding the above point, Pog: You mention you aren't ready for the Oscars; you're not ready for high school English.
I didn’t write my two recent post three years ago; I wrote them in January, 2006.
Speaking of which, it took you long enough to reply, Ms. Clark.
And if you're accusing me of writing the post written in 2003, Ms. Clark, I'll tell you now: I didn't write it.
Ms. Clark seemingly pleads for her reputation.
Ms. Clark’s incompetence, mismanagement and thievery did far worse to me and mine.
Vicki Clark says that I lied.
Well, lied about what?
I'm more than willing to post or provide copies of e-mails giving relevant and salient evidence pertaining to my posts here at Absolute Write; can Vicki Clark counter or offer the same?
In fact, I'm more than willing to make public ALL e-mail correspondence between us.
In addition, I kept phone logs, bills, etc., corroborating my points; I have a case file, and I'm more than willing "to rumble", whenever, wherever.
Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet? Perhaps; again, I’m more than willing to make public any and all relevant and salient evidence to prove my points.
Are you, Ms. Clark? Rather, can you?
To know Vicki Clark is to love Vicki Clark? I’m sure the families of petty thieves, burglars, con artists and literary predators and parasites have said much the same things about these types of scum.
Libel pertains to choses printed; slander, to choses spoken.
Refer to a copy of Black's Law Dictionary or to a good textbook on First Amendment or Fourth Estate law; it seems that none of you have the foggiest notion of what constitutes libel or slander, and probably don't even know what I mean when I refer to the Fourth Estate, let alone the First Amendment.
And by the way, nothing is libelous or slanderous until proven so in a court of law; cf. the case involving Jerry Falwell and Larry Flynt, etc., etc. I'll let you look up the citations, which I doubt you can.
Also, the term "choses" is a legal one, lest you accuse me of a typo.
But if you do accuse me of making typos, Ms. Clark, please be sure to use the shift key on your keyboard and to punctuate your sentences -- and jejune accusations -- accordingly. Don’t we all know how brilliant a writer and cogent thinker you truly are, given the clarity and precision of your recent post? (And people allow you to edit their screenplays?)
You’re damn right I know about “karmic laws”; that’s why I made my posts, to save other legitimate writers from nefarious business practices and practitioners.
People attempting to earn an honest living as artists deserve NOT to become victims of literary/artistic predators or parasites.
Vicki Clark contends that she obtained a lawyer to silence me.
Silence me for what? And when? And how?
A lawyer NEVER wrote or contacted me on Ms. Clark's behalf.
What’s the lawyer's name, when was a letter written and can you make public a copy of the letter and proof of receipt, Ms. Clark?
If not, shut up. (And yes, regarding this point, I am accusing you of being a goddam liar.)
I made it clear to my family, friends and associates that I never wanted anything to do with Ms. Clark ever again; I blocked her e-mail address from my e-mail account, etc., etc.
Ms. Clark failed to mention the incoherent e-mail her husband (or then husband) wrote to me after I fired her; he must have been off his meds that day, or hadn’t touched common reality in a long, long time.
As far as I’m concerned, any literary predator or parasite can do the world a favor and go choke on their stolen earnings, or, perhaps more relevantly, can go choke for stealing things that can never be returned, like stolen time, stolen dreams, etc., etc.
To anyone reading these posts and who might be considering "taking on" Ms. Clark as a manager:

Imagine working for months and hours on end to create screenplays that receive favorable reviews from producers, directors, writers and others, only to see your work shot down the toilet because of egregious errors on the part of someone who supposedly represents your interests. Now you understand why I’ve written what I’ve written.
Proceed at your own peril. You've been warned. As far as I’m concerned, these can be my final words at Absolute Write regarding Vicki Clark and Clark Management Company.

Peace out.

05-14-2006, 02:13 AM
Dear R.H. Prestridge:

I have been aware of your reply to Vicki Clark’s client for weeks and am still surprised by your efforts to harass her. Obviously, none of your scripts are moving, as you have plenty of pathetic hours to spend creating boring, repetitive rants filled with lies, including the one about Ms. Clark being a real estate agent (you cannot be serious!).

Oh, and although you claim you did not receive the first letter from Ms. Clark’s attorney, from what I and more of her clients understand, a second letter is on its way along with notice of a restraining order hearing.

You are seriously mistaken if you believe that Ms. Clark’s clients take anything you have to say with any seriousness; rather, your rants continue to prove our suspicions that you are simply a disturbed person.

Please consider getting a life.


Richard White
05-14-2006, 02:23 AM
Hmm, Claire or R.H. Prestridge . . .

One offering to post evidence if asked

One making ad hominem attacks

Yeah, I think I know which one to believe.

R.H. Prestridge - 1
Vicky Clark (and sockpuppets) - 0

Alan Yee
05-14-2006, 02:49 AM
I'm also inclined to believe R. H. Prestridge is telling the truth. For one thing, Claire, whoever you are, don't you see the very very long list of bullets of what has happened to him and how Vicky Clark responded? With a list that long full of complaints, he probably couldn't have made all of that up. And, his descriptions and complaints are very specific, unlike the generic non-specific replies we at the Bewares and Background Check board have received from the scammers and their alter-egos a.k.a. sockpuppets, which I believe you may fall under. Specifics with an offer of evidence is far more credible than attacks on the person who was complaining about the so-called "agent."

Claire, if you don't happen to come back, please don't send other "friends" of Vicky Clark's here. Right when someone makes complaints about a particular scam agent, a dozen people so conveniently pop in to defend them. Woo, what a coincidence.

I wish Mr. Prestridge the best of luck to bring this Vicky Clark to justice. He's going to need lots of it, because currently our government isn't too helpful with beating down on all the scammers, especially a particular scam in Frederick, Maryland.

He should send his documentation to Writer Beware, if he hasn't already. Victoria would probably be very interested in this.

05-14-2006, 03:28 AM
Claire, if you don't happen to come back, please don't send other "friends" of Vicky Clark's here. Right when someone makes complaints about a particular scam agent, a dozen people so conveniently pop in to defend them. Woo, what a coincidence.

Multiple personality disorder isn't an illness with online scammers, it's a necessity.

05-17-2006, 07:02 AM
To Claire the Air Head (and to Vicki Clark and to Any of Her Other Athletic Supporters):

I'm glad that you've been aware of my posts at Absolute Write.

You say I made my most recent post to Vicki Clark's client; actually, I made it to Vicki Clark and to her histrionic athletic supporters (like you), not-too-bright lower-life forms that, unfortunately, are still present in the evolutionary scheme of things.

Regardless, it took you long enough to reply; and if by replying you think you're helping Vicki Clark, think again; when you posted your reply, you moved the discussion regarding Vicki Clark to the first page of Bewares and Background Check. By my estimation, you jumped the number of views from approximately 1,600 to 1,900 because of your post.

Not exactly a bright thing to do, considering.

But oh, well.

As for having plenty of "pathetic hours" to create "boring, repetitive rants" (I call them logical arguments, unlike the ad-hominem drivel you post), I spent 35 minutes writing my last post. So much for "pathetic hours".

As for my work, it's really none of your damn business how it is or isn't going.

As for Vicki Clark's being a real-estate agent, technically, you are correct; she's actually done lease-agency-type work for her mother. And also, if anyone does their research, you'll discover that, indeed, Ms. Clark has offices on Foothill Boulevard in Glendale, not too far from La Canada, and that these offices were or are primarily staffed by real-estate agents. (A previous poster, CaoPaux, made mention of this.) In other words, Vicki Clark does what anyone else could do who wanted to open up shop as an agent or manager: She operated, or operates, out of a storefront. For free, I believe. Hmmm…

As for not receiving a letter from Ms. Clark's lawyer, no, I did not receive any such letter. Again, let Ms. Clark prove that such a letter was written and that I received such a letter (which she can't prove because she’s a liar).

And I'll make this clear again, right now, just as I made it clear in my previous post: I do not want anything to do with Vicki Clark. That includes being in her physical presence, or even coming within 10 miles of that stupid cow. (I'm resorting to ad-hominem attacks now -- and I doubt that you, Claire, or Vicki Clark know what the term means -- but have the right to do so, given the vitriolic posts from you and others.)

So, the threat of an RO injunction against me is a joke because believe me, dummy, I have no intention of going near that incompetent ***. (I literally and figuratively shudder at the thought.) If anyone should get an RO injunction, it's me against Vicki Clark.

Regardless, my lawyer might be writing a letter to Ms. Clark. A first letter. And believe me, I will have proof of receipt if such a letter is sent.

I don't care if you or Ms. Clark's other faithful "clientele" take anything I say seriously or not. Your stupidity is your problem. My main concern is warning legitimate writers about Ms. Clark.

Imagine a bridge with a gaping hole (a gaping hole being a good analogy for Ms. Clark) in it. And imagine that I stand there and allow drivers (fellow writers) to travel up the dark road (the path of the artist) on the way to the gaping hole in the bridge without warning these drivers.

If I don't warn them, these drivers (fellow writers) could perish (suffer as I have suffered). If I warn them, perhaps I can save them from perishing. If I fail to warn them, then I bear responsibility for their perishing. If I do warn them, and they proceed anyway, I don't bear any responsibility for their foolishness.

As I've mentioned, there are legitimate agents and managers out there, and it's my desire that legitimate writers find good representation. Scammers, con artists, charlatans and incompetents abound, unfortunately, in the fields of art and entertainment.

I don't believe you're a client of Vicki Clark, Claire the Air Head. I believe that you're one of Ms. Clark’s creepy friends who's gone online to post in her favor, and to do so in an attempt to intimidate me so that I'll back down from seeking justice. It ain't gonna work.

Please consider getting a brain.

Here are some things to add more spice to this post:

The name of the contact at the Irish production company was Triona Campbell.
The name of the contact at the German production company was John Fisher.Press it anymore, Claire the Air Head, and I'll post more evidence (e-mails, responses, notes from phone logs, etc., etc.).

Points to ponder:

If I were truly vindictive against Vicki Clark, I would have started creating posts against her back in June, 2003, after I fired her.
Either Vicki Clark leveraged (stole) my leads or she didn't.
Either she bungled the handling of my comedy screenplay (among other things) or she didn't.
Either she mismanaged my work (among other things) through her negligence and her incompetence or she didn't.This post is going to bring the discussion of Vicki Clark back to the first page of Bewares and Background Checks. Let's see how many more views we can get, shall we? Perhaps the count of total views will now go up to 2,100 or so, perhaps even more.

Oh, and one more very fun thing.

Vicki Clark and her incompetence have been mentioned in another area of this Website, besides this discussion.

For anyone interested, please check out the following link and post.

http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29925&highlight=vicki+clark (http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29925&highlight=vicki+clark)

Gerard Jones can be amusing, but it's a little like watching a dog chasing his own tail in the middle of the Interstate, you don't know if you want to see what happens next.

Beyond which, he has an across-the-board to-hell-with-'em approach to the entire publishing world - the only exception being his own agent, of course. I.e., he places the good, bad, and inept all together in the same bag. This leads to his at times recommending - if you can get him to recommend anybody- agents like Vicki Clark, whose unhappy clients litter the streets of L.A. [Emphasis mine: R.H. Prestridge]



05-17-2006, 05:37 PM
Under other circumstances, I might mildly take Mr. Prestridge to task for ad-hominem comments; under the present circumstances, I applaud his restraint.

05-20-2006, 12:21 AM
In some ways, I agree with jbraykr. In other ways, I don't.

Where we differ is this: jbraykr says that it's best to have representation with a reputable agent or manager who has a proven track record.

It is, and there's something more.

And that something more is due diligence and vigilance.

When I entered the arena of screenplay writing, I had potential "agents", "managers" and "producers" contact me about my material; the problem? They wanted money ("reading fees", "assessments", etc., etc.) in order to "represent" me.

Whenever I heard a request for money, I had enough sense to hang up the phone right then and there or to refuse to answer an e-mail. One jerk was persistent in attempting to get me to sign a contract that he had mailed me; when I refused to return the contract, he threatened legal action. I said (with apologies now to the late Mae West), "Come on up and sue me sometime". He screamed into the phone, and received, for his pains, the sharp sound of a telephone receiver being slammed into its cradle.

As we (and here I'm referring to we as in any and all legitimate writers) know, getting an agent or manager can be an extremely daunting and arduous task. It's easy enough to detect a corrupt "agent", "manager" or "producer" whenever one of these shysters asks for money.

It's not so easy when you've been searching for representation for almost a year, when you're in the No Man's Land of artistic representation between con artists and legitimate agents and managers and when you're desperate, tired and hungry.

It's hard enough crafting screenplays while working full-time (which for me was a full-time gig at a dot.com in the greater Seattle area); add looking for an agent or manager, and add the marketing of your own work on top of that, and you'll see how tough things become. Wearing several hats (or tending several brands in the fire or what have you) can be an exhausting endeavor. Sometimes there seemingly isn't enough time to do all things adequately.

And when you're in the area of shifting grays, where things aren't so clearly defined, there's the temptation to take anything that comes along. Anything that seems to have some point of validity to it, no matter how small that validity, seems like a Heaven-sent gift. And the temptation is to snatch it immediately, much as a man dying of thirst in the Gobi Desert will down the first sip of water, no matter how muddied or polluted, offered him.

Which is why I took on Missed Vicki (with apologies now to the late Tiny Tim) as my manager; she didn't ask for reader's fees (which ultimately doesn’t mean anything), there was nothing negative on the Web about her (nothing positive either, but these things in and of themselves don't mean anything), nothing in the Better Business Bureau of Southern California files about her at that time (which in and of itself doesn't mean anything), etc., etc. Obviously (and I've 'fessed up to this before), I didn't go far enough in my research regarding her; in retrospect, my research should have been more on-going; but live and learn as they say.

Regardless, it's not enough to assume that just because you have an agent or manager with an excellent track record, you can simply sit back and relax; you can't; you've got to be diligent and vigilant; a good agent or manager can become a tarnished agent or manager very easily; agents and managers are human -- well, at least the good ones are -- and they make mistakes. And I'm saying mistakes, O Followers of the Great and Mighty Oz. I'm not saying leveraging, mismanagement, gross incompetence, etc.

Case in point: Jennifer Lopez has had top-notch representation, of course. Recently, she fired her agent (or agents) for not getting her better roles. (I'm not a Jennifer Lopez fan by the way; I'm just using her as an example.)

Likewise, we, as writers, need to watch our artistic representatives. If they slip in any way, for whatever reason, we need to let them know.

A note in regards to agencies: Just because an agency is small or new doesn't mean it's not a valid agency; if the new agent or manager is someone who has had experience in publishing or in the film world, or preferably both, or if the new agent or manager is an entertainment lawyer, you might have found a perfect match. It's not so much how big an agency is, or what an agent or manager's track record is, it's what they can do for you and what they will do for you

For instance, a new agent or manager with a degree in law and five years experience as an entertainment lawyer but no record of screenplay sales is, obviously, more of a sure bet than someone like Missed Vicki, who might claim that she's been in business as a manager for several years, but who doesn't have a clue on how to run a literary agency or how to deal fairly with current or potential clientele.

And such a newbie agent or manager might even be better than having representation with a bigger agency. Let's face it, if an agent represents you and William Goldman, I'd wager the agent is going to be more concerned about William Goldman's work than about your own (unless you happen to be someone with the talent of the late Paddy Chayefsky, that is).

Anyway, I have current, fantastic representation, as I've mentioned, and I'm very happy with this representation. I've made it clear that if the protocols and terms agreed to by both of us aren't followed, then we don't do business any longer; I walk; no questions asked.

Back to Missed Vicki: I'm not saying that in terms of morals, things are relative; what Missed Vicki did was downright s&itty (and illegal).

What I am saying is that in the world of artistic representation, there's an empirical spectrum of blacks, whites and grays among the legitimate and not-so-legitimate and the corrupt; things aren't always so black and white because not every little detail in the world of artistic representation can be defined so easily or readily.

And regardless of where you as an artist are in that spectrum of artistic representation (preferably on the legitimate side), you'll still need to maintain due diligence and vigilance after getting a fantastic agent or manager with an excellent track record.

Believe me, I do practice due diligence and vigilance now.

At least for me, thus far, my story ends on a very positive note. I hope that other legitimate writers, wherever they are, get rid of any Missed Vickis if they have Missed Vickis in their lives.

I'd like not to write any more posts about Missed Vicki; I have much better things to do. (I shall write posts if provoked by her or her athletic supporters, however.)

With that, I hope to bid you all a fond and fair adieu on this particular thread within Absolute Write; I'll perhaps visit Absolute Write to view other posts and to offer whatever insights I might have.

Peace out for now.

And peace on you, Missed Vicki. And peace on your athletic supporters.

05-20-2006, 04:39 PM
For what's it's worth, I am relatively new to the boards and, as I scan this particular thread, my gut instinct is to believe R. Prestridge. His facts 'work' and I would not want to be associated with V. Clark after hearing them.

08-30-2006, 06:40 AM
Hey, Everyone:

I've had a busy summer, and haven't had much time to post online anywhere.

I wanted to write to say that I haven't received a letter from Vicki Clark's lawyer. (This was supposed to be a second letter; I never did receive an alleged first letter.) To paraphrase the great Samuel Johnson: The last refuge of the scoundrel is threatening litigation.

In other words, cons, scammers and frauds will threaten to sue you to make themselves look like the wronged ones.

And remember: If someone goes online and says that an RO has been placed against you, that's libel; it's stating, outright, that a judicial authority has set judgment against you.

I now believe that Claire the Air Head was none other than Vicki Clark herself; I don't have solid proof, but if you look at the posts, you'll see more than double spacing in at least one of them; I believe these posts were created in Word or what have you because of the need for deliberation; whoever posted them didn't take the time to remove the double+ spacing; well, that and the lack of reasoning/rationality hint at Missed Vicki, too. (Hint at? Perhaps "smell of" is better wording.)

Not that it matters; if Claire's posts and Missed Vicki's posts came from the same computer, it can be traced through IP logs, etc.

Again, I'm just posting this to let other legitimate writers know that you needn't fear the straw men of fools.

Take care, and have a great summer, guys.

08-30-2006, 07:23 AM
R.H., I'm still going to ask you to back off the ad hominem. Sometimes perfectly decent people get taken for a ride by bad "agents" and "managers," and rush to their defense before understanding the full story. They don't all need to be tarred with snide insults, and you'd do well to stick to the facts here. That said...

The IP Address is: The host name is: netblock-66-245-214-119.dslextreme.com.

The IP Address is: The host name is: netblock-66-245-193-78.dslextreme.com.

Both signed up with hotmail addresses.

In other words...


10-08-2006, 11:51 PM
Not only a busy summer, but a busy fall; I just checked this thread.

Regarding Vicki Clark and her sock-puppet, Claire O'Neill: unfortunately, just as I figured. When I made remarks about Claire, I did so, suspecting it was Vicki Clark all along, which was confirmed by the last post. I wasn't making comments against people per se as I was making comments against a non-existent person (well, existent in Vicki Clark).

In other situations, I might shake my head and laugh in derision. Now, I just shake my head in sadness; it's not enough that a scammer must sabotage the career and trust of a former client, but that this same person must then make libelous comments about the former client and then make fraudulent posts on a Website like this.

I believe the last post, the one proving that Vicki Clark falsified the Claire O'Neill posts, sums it all up. And I'll leave it at that.

Have a great fall and winter, guys; this year has been perfect.

10-09-2006, 08:03 AM
Looks like the sockpuppets finally worked out that not responding works better for them -- otherwise it just pops this thread back up again

10-09-2006, 08:03 AM

I'm more concerned that in a previous post you actually admit to being a preschooler who bashed a bullies head in with a brick.