View Full Version : Beta readers for 80k action/drama

01-14-2008, 07:52 AM
I need a beta reader for my 1890’s Colorado gold rush novel. The story has a steady supply of action and drama, based on the life of a Missouri field hand who strikes it rich, but loses everything in an ugly labor war. You won’t be bored. It moves fast and has good plot and characters. Bonus: I'm willing to read yours in exchange. :) PM me!

Here’s a blurb:
When Jeremiah Clark flees the poverty-stricken South for the gold fields of Cripple Creek, he lands in camp with a grubstake of $128. Will it last six months, time enough to get established? Not likely. Motivated to shed his impoverished past, and aided by a series of lucky gold strikes, he rises from plow hand to Gold Coin Club member. He is among powerful friends at the top of high-society. But success is short-lived, when union bosses engage in political insurrection and violence, touching off a labor war involving the Colorado militia and citizen mobs. Men are beaten and killed, union picketmen are detained and deported, and the mayhem edges Clark’s operation close to financial collapse – nearly enough to undo any gains he’s made. In an attempt to control the violence, he engages the backing of the state of Colorado, including the state militia. But the ugly results of anarchy and military despotism bring the once-rich region into deep depression. Within eighteen months of his millionaire status, Clark can no longer maintain profitable production levels, and slides into ruin with two hundred families depending upon him. His crushing losses are complete. Three steamer trunks hold his last remaining possessions, and he takes the only work available, a slag worker in the mine he built with his own hands. It was true greatness, if only for a season.