03-08-2005, 06:50 PM
New FREE TO ENTER contest from Logical Lust Publications www.logical-lust.com (http://www.logical-lust.com/)

Flash fiction is the most testing, and challenging forms of writing. Make the subject erotica and it becomes a real trial! So to encourage, entice, and finally celebrate your very high standard of flashing prowess, here is THE LOGICAL-LUST EROTIC FLASH CHALLENGE! and this year itís FREE TO ENTER!

The list of prizes to be won is as follows (prizes shown in US$);

Best Overall Story $70

Runner-Up to Best Overall Story $20

2nd Runner-Up to Best Overall Story $10

In addition to the above main prizes, there will also be the following special category prizes, which can be won seperately from, or in addition to, the main prizes.

Most Original Content $20

Best Erotic Content $20

Funniest Entry $20

Prizes will be paid in US$ or the equivalent amount in your own currency. To receive non US or UK currencies you must have either a PayPal, MoneyBookers, or StormPay account.

JUDGING: Subject matter will not be a criteria judged upon (except for the special category prizes). Flash fiction is about the ability to write a full story - beginning, middle, end, character description, structure, plot.., and of course erotica! - all within 250 words. Stories will be judged on this, plus spelling, grammar, and literary worthiness. So make sure you edit your stories properly!

Those who assist in judging the entries will only be sent the story and not the authorís name, to ensure judging is on a level playing field.

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: Stories must be of erotic flash fiction of up to 250 words maximum.You have freedom as to the subject matter, subject to these restrictions;

No rape. No consent-after-the-act. No bestiality, necrophilia, hate, racism, or under age sex, and nothing that could be construed as breach of any kind of copyright. The editorís decision will be final as to what entries are, or are not, suitable. The onus is upon you, the author, to submit in good erotic taste.

Submissions can be original work or previously published, but bear the following in mind;

All the prize winning stories will be published on Logical-Lust in a special contest feature, so make sure you own the copyright or are free to publish it elsewhere. If you donít own the copyright to a story or donít have permission, even if you wrote it, do NOT submit it as an entry. You will have to state whether your entries are original or currently published, and I can assure you - published material that reaches the short list for final decisions will be checked out by us for itís validity for the contest.

By entering the contest you agree to have your story published in Logical-Lust for a period of one year if it is one of the prize winners. Logical-Lust will take non-exclusive publishing rights to original prize winning stories so feel free to boast about it if it helps to get it published elsewhere! We only require that Logical-Lust is cited as the home of the story. Only the contest prize winning stories will be featured on Logical-Lust.

HOW TO ENTER: Entry is by plain text file attachment to email only. In the attachment must be your full name and address, pen name (if using one), author bio, and your entry. One entry per file please, although you may attach 2 files to an email if you wish. In the file you must also state either of the following (whichever applies);

ĎI declare that I am the author of this unpublished story and I hold full rights to it.í


ĎI declare that I am the author of this published story and that I hold the rights, and permission, to have it published outwith its current publishing domain.í

Please make your email subject line ĎLOGICAL LUST FLASH CHALLENGEí and send to contest@logical-lust.com

Deadline for entries is May 31st 2005. Maximum of two entries per person.