View Full Version : What do you expect from your agent

12-27-2007, 09:52 PM
As someone who has had many agents over the years, most lasting a book apiece, I am a little gun shy entering my 9th marriage and not wanting to screw it up.

In my history, I have found whenever I don't press an agent for details, they tend to forget my existence. But when I press too much, I no longer get my emails or phone calls answered.

I'm asking the agented populace here, how detailed is the information you get from your agent? How often do you follow up? Do you ever suggest editors or houses and does your agent follow up those suggestions? Do you get all your rejection letters? How many places does your agent send your proposal to? And, finally, how worried would you be if your proposal for your latest non-fiction book had only been to three houses in six months, and two of those houses have yet to respond?

12-27-2007, 10:51 PM
I follow up with mine about once a month if I have anything new to report.

I don't get my rejection letters. Early on, I asked for them. After a while I stopped caring because my agent responds to my emails and phone calls on a regular basis. If something came up, she'd tell me.

I'm a little anxious, so I'm always asking who has what and what sort of responses we're getting. I don't expect her to know everything off the top of her head - she has forty+ of me and I only have one of her. So I do think author responsibility comes into play as well.

As for how many submissions, it depends on your book. Is it a niche market? Something specific? There could be a reason your agent has only sent it to three houses. Or it might be that they haven't had time. It's hard to say.

Speaking from experience, I would talk with your agent rather than poll the board. I went through a difficult time on my end and it would have been easily resolved if I had just stopped to ask my agent.