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12-17-2007, 07:31 PM
Let me know how to improve, whats good, what sucks, etc, etc... I can take it...

Link in siggy, and thanks a bunch;)

L M Ashton
12-19-2007, 05:32 AM
Getting Confused and Coming Undone
Getting Confused and Coming All Undone
Confused and Undone <--- This is the one I like the most. Short, sweet, to the point. Getting and Coming don't really add anything to the title, in my opinion, so I would drop them.

Completely random events in the life of me.Doesn't have much punch. Sounds a bit too... vague? Hmm. Not the right word. I'll think on this. Wishy washy?

Your About Me section is way at the end of your left column. I'd put that at or near the top - it gives an immediate picture of who you are, and that helps to put the blog entries into context.

I'm the author of A Georgia Native Plant Guide and over 600 articles. Currently I'm attempting to become a diligent blogger. I'd be inclined to ditch the second sentence - it's wishy washy and doesn't. I would, however, be inclined to expand a bit on what type of writing you do if that's going to be a part of your blog entries. You've got over 600 articles. On what? What types of subjects? What areas are you an expert in?

For that matter, I'd like to know more about what your blog is about. I know you say random, but as a reader, I want to know what there is about your blog that'll keep me coming back. On the front page, there are only so many blog entries, and a reader will most likely only read the first page to see if there's anything to interest them. If there isn't, they won't be back if they're not aware that you also write on topic A or topic B or topic C, but those topics are off the front page. Make sense?

I'd suggest finding a way to summarize the basic premise behind the blog - what you mostly write about - and putting it in your About Me section perhaps.

You have a decent writing style. Good luck! :)

01-02-2008, 07:18 PM
Thanks, I'll get on those changes. I think its very wishywashy in tone, because at the time I didn't know if I would really be part of the blog process or not. The "Getting Confused and Coming all undone" is from a lyric that was the central reason for the blog, but you're right I shouldn't hold on to sentiment and make it more tight. Thats the only change that really bothers me.

Thanks again!