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03-04-2005, 03:36 AM
I;ve read a few posts here so what I have done is I write the intro, then the intro to each of the three main sections, and then each chapter of each section, so pretty much a TOC with a intro for each main section. Its 3 pages, single spaced, size 10 font. So do I take that, write a thing about why I'm the best person to write this (Which i talk about in my intro) and the market of the book and then just send all of that off to people who publish books similar to mine? I have a pretty good spin to a profitable market, so I think I might get some 'bites". My tone is also fun to read, or so ive been told. I think this will do well. How many pages do you guys usually send off to publishers? Should I write an entire chapter in addition to what Ive done already? Any tips for the first timer? I cant say that writing non fiction is my passion but certain topics i enjoy writing about, this is one of them. The biggest problem is I have never been published.

03-04-2005, 05:41 AM
Welcome Doubleit.

You're in good company here--we non-fics are small but mighty!

Yes, a 1-3 page overview of your book (single is fine) telling what it's about. A seperate topic for similar titles that you've found like yours and how yours is different, and even similar in ways.

Topic: What market is this subject going to appeal to? Name some organizations, companies, groups, clubs, vocations and other audiences that might want to read it.

Why are you the best author on this subject? What experience or credentials do you have for covering this? It could be as simple as your desire and enthusiasm alone, but then explain how well you've researched this subject, or what contacts can help advise you with it.

Your past writing credits, if you have any.

A chapter outline, discussing what each chapter covers--about a half-page to full page for each chapter.

I call it a dry TOC that just lists chapter topic and sub-topics.

I-3 sample chapters included, depending upon how many are wanted by each individual agent or publisher you contact. Find your potential market listing onling at their websites if you can. If not read them carefully from Writer's Market Place, or other such market guide.

Our owner/president, Jenna G. has a very good example of a non-fiction proposal in the bowels of this site. Look it up and study it, to see how she's covered all these bases.

I typed this really fast and hoped that I covered most. If not, others will be along and provide more.

Best of luck and skill--what is your subject about? Just curious.


aka eraser
03-04-2005, 08:36 AM
Tri's pretty much got it covered. Regarding your chapter question; I'd definitely have a sample chapter or three ready to go in case you get a nibble.

03-05-2005, 07:37 PM
I think most of what you need to know has already been said - so I won't say any more. Be ready to talk about your book over the phone to potential editors/publishers.

An estimate of when you will have the manuscript finished and polished is always good.

And then keep at it, but I hope that your idea gets taken up by the first publisher you submit to.