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03-03-2005, 12:59 AM
(This is stolen from Uncle Jim's thread. I think it's a brillant prompt)

Uncle Jim wrote:

Here's something for you to try. Take an old, bad joke.

Write it out at short-story length, with description, dialog, scene, and so on.

Here you go: Write this one at 5,000-7,500 words. Modern, realistic. Then send it out to paying markets 'til Hell won't have it:

There are these two guys going on a skiing vacation. They drive way up into Vermont, and they get lost. It's late, it's snowing, the roads are narrow and all look alike ... when they see a light on in a farmhouse. They pull up the drive and knock on the door.

A beautiful young lady answers the door. They explain their predicament, and ask if they can stay the night.

She says, "Yes, I suppose so, but it wouldn't be right for you to stay in the house, since I've recently become a widow and I'm alone here." They agree to stay in the barn.

The next morning comes, the guys get up, the lady gives them breakfast and directions to the highway, and they're off. They have a great vacation.

Nine months later...

One of the guys is sitting in his office when he gets a long-distance phone call. He listens for a while, very quiet. Then he dials his buddy.

He says, "Do you remember when we went on that vacation last year?"

"Sure do," his buddy says.

"And you remember getting lost?"

"Yep, sure do."

"And do you remember sleeping in the barn there?"

"Yeah. The straw sure was scratchy."

"Well, did you happen to wake up durning the night?"

"Yeah, I did. I had to go to the bathroom."

"And did you happen go up to the house?"

"Well, there wasn't a toilet in the barn...."

"And while you were up there, did you maybe make mad, passionate love with that nice young lady?"

"Yeah, I guess I did...."

"And did you happen to accidentally tell her you were me?"

"I meant to tell you, honest!"

"Well, I just got a call from her lawyer ... and she's died and left me fourteen million dollars in her will."


Note: The story you write doesn't have to be funny, or even have the same punchline. It can continue past that point. Other things can happen.

Now, go write the story.

03-14-2005, 08:00 AM
It is me again and I was just wondering if I could copy this to my files or put on a cd to give it a try. I told you once that I was full of them and have a wild sense of humor.