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A Writers Fantasy
03-01-2005, 09:23 AM
Hey, everyone.
I've just joined the board recently and I'm looking for....More of a general critique than a really in depth one, because I'm already getting in depth critiques at other message boards. I basically just want to know things like this:

1) What you think of the story overall.
2) What you think about the characters.
3) If you like where it's going.
4) Things about the plot...what you like, don't like...any guesses as to what's going to happen next.

Things like that. (If I double any letters like I am right now, I'm having trouble with my keyboard (it's wireless) and for some stupid reason it's doubling the letters. Usually, I promise, I do not type like this, but I have no idea how to fix it at the moment.)

All of my stories are most likely rough drafts or just stories that I don't plan on finishing (like songfics) but am particuarly proud of, so keep that in mind.

I write both Star Wars fan fiction and original fantasy. If you like both of these things, that's great, and I will sendd you whatever of either genre. if you only like one thing over the other, that's fine too. When I email you the stories, I'll let you know how long ago it was that I wrote it and all that, since some of my stories are from two or three years ago and need improvement that I don't plan on giving them (like some songfics. I don't plan on rewriting the songfics).

Right now I am currently workiing on The Trinity Chronicles: Prophecy of the Lost Me'revale. It has a prologue and a first chapter so far. I am slowly working on the second chapter, though now I'm starting to think about writing the story taking place before this one.

If I don't have anything to send you (for example, after I've sent you the prologue and first chapter of Trinity, I won't have anything to send yyou until I finish the third chapter) thenn we can keep talking about writing or something, or you can send me something you're working on in return for me to critique.

I want -one- person to send my stories to and be sort of like my 'personal writing buddy'...Not saying that you can't have any others besides me, but I don't want to just send you something I'm working on and then as soon as I finish it have you move on to be someone elses buddy.

I'm also interested in finding someone to co-write a story with eventually. I'm interested in seeing how it would go because it basically just seems to be a lot like role playing...I don't know that I wouuld want to do this right away, but maybe after I get more chapters written of my Trinity story. If you become my writing buddy and are interested in co-wrriting, then great. If you don't and still want to co-write, that's cool too.

Anyway, hope this is helpful enough to get someone interested in being my writing partner...Right now I've mainly been focusing on Trinity, though I'm trying to write a Star Wars series. I already have the first half of a story written that takes place after the first story that I was working on before I came up with Trinity.

I'm really good at gramatical/spelling stuff and am usually fairly good with description (depending on what it is. I can picture it in my mind but can't find a way to describe it)..

If you want to be my writing partner either reply to this, send me a PM, email me, or contact me on messenger.

I'm also interested in being someone elses writing partner/beta reader/critiquer/whatever. Sci-fi (preferably Star Wars fan fiction) or fantasy works for me. :D

I know I posted this twice already, once in another section, but I figure there's a difference in definition of 'writing partner' vs 'mentor' and figured I'd post it in both parts...Actually, I didn't see this one til now.