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11-25-2007, 10:48 PM
This autumn, a good friend moved a thousand miles away. She was a pack rat and a former eBay seller, with boxes of inventory stored away (she was dealing with a long, painful divorce and her eBay business crashed and burned in the aftermath). With too much to possibly yard sale before she moved, she started giving stuff away. Since I'm also a low level pack rat, I took a few things off her hands.

Of course, I didn't think "some makeup" meant two huge boxes of lipcolors, eyeshadows, and liners (plus extras). After spend a few hours inventorying everything, I finally have a list of items and colors. It's too long to post the entire thing here, but I'll give the highlights. Anyone interested in the whole list, please feel free to PM me.

With Christmas around the corner, I thought I'd offer the makeup here, before boxing it up for the inevitable spring yard sale. All items (except for the colognes) are between $.25 and $1.00 (plus shipping).

Caveat: I've spot tested random tubes and shadows for freshness. They are all sealed, but not brand new (at least a year old).

-Smooth Stay AntiChap Liners and Lip Colors
-One Coat Lip Shines
-Amazing Lasting Lip Colors
-Beyond Powder Eyeshadows (singles, doubles, and quads)

-Bronzing Duo Shadows
-Expert Eyes (single, duo, trio, quads)
-Precious Powder
-Moisture Whip Lip Liners
-Cool Effects: Twisters Cream EyeColor, Cooling Shadow/Liner, Cooling Cream Eyecolor
-Crystal Glitters Shadow Pencils

-Moisture Shine Gloss (15 colors)

-Wear Infinite Eyeshadows (single, duos, quads)
-Eye Glosse Gloss for Lids
-Colour Fresco Refreshing Creme: Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Eye Colour
-Eye Smoker Crayons
-Eyecolor Brightener
-Soft Effects Eye Color
-Pencil Perfect Automatic Eyeliner
-Rouge Pulp Lip Color
-Colour Juice Lip Gloss

-Revlon: Be Unforgettable and Absolutely Fabulous
-Lagerfeld Photo
-Michael Jordan