View Full Version : Manuscript Swap or Beta Reader for Thriller

09-16-2007, 09:44 PM
Hello and thank you for your interest. I'm looking to either swap my manuscript or find someone interested in reading it. The reason I offer a swap is because it makes the relationship beneficial for both involved, but if you just want to read, there's obviously nothing wrong with that.:)

My manuscript is a thriller of 78,000 words titled Absolute Zero. Though I no way compare myself with the following authors, I would say it is Michael Crichton meets Clive Cussler.

The critique level I'm looking for is fairly basic. I want to know what works in the storyline and what doesn't. Now, any grammatical or spelling catches would be appreciated, but a line-by-line edit isn't necessary. All I want is an honest opinion. If you can't get past the first chapter, then don't force yourself on, just tell me why. If you're interested in swapping, then my review of your manuscript will be along these same lines.

My recommendation for anyone interested in this post would be to take a look at my website. It has more information about Absolute Zero, as well as the author, me. :D

Thank you for your time.