View Full Version : Notecard software for nonfiction

09-05-2007, 07:05 PM
I'm researching a nonfiction book-length project. I am using 3x5 notecards like I always have, but it's starting to feel chaotic and cluttered. Does anyone have any recommendations, or anything to say - good or bad - about any of the notecard programs out there? SuperNoteCard has a nice interface, you can tag each "card" with different keywords for filtering, drag-and-drop for shuffling and reorganizing. Writer's Blocks seems good, but it's ridiculously expensive compared to others.

I'm trying out some demos, but they all feel awkward to me. It could be just that I'm not used to the tools yet. Or it could be that trying to mimic the creative chaos of paper notecards on a little laptop computer is just somehow not natural. I really can't tell. Before spending the money, and more importantly, before inputting hundreds of notes, I wonder if anyone has had experiences good or bad to report using electronic organizing for large projects.