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08-28-2007, 06:23 AM
T. J. Clark in Farewell to an Idea

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Says that Modernism is a lost world. Indeed, "Modernism is our Antiquity."

But the reason for that is (page 2) not that we have entered a new age, but that the modernism that modernism hoped for is now finally here and complete: "...it is just because the 'modernity' which modernism prophesied has finally arrived that the forms of representation it originally gave rise to are now unreadable."

Page 3: "Post modernism mistakes the ruins of those previous representations...for the ruin of modernity itself -- not seeing that what we are living through is modernity's triumph."

Naturally, by page 6, we are back with the Maya:

"And as for Menzel's passion for binoculars!...this is a world, and a vision of history more lost to us than Uxmal...we warm more readily to the Romanesque puppet's on God's string, or to the kings ripping blood sacrifice from their tongues, than to workers being read to from Izvestia or El Machete."

Melancholic...T. J 's friends said (so we learn at the end of the Intro...but don't worry, the next chapter is about assassination and Terror in the Year 2 of the French Revolution.)