View Full Version : Want your poetry published?

11-12-2004, 06:28 PM
I am looking for quality fiction and poetry submissions in all genres for a compilation/anthology to be available December 2004.

I am a freelance writer who would really like to see a few pieces of fiction in print and would like to give other writers an opportunity to do the same.

This work is going to be first self published, so unfortunately there will be no pay involved initially. You will however have the opportunity to be published. All writers will receive a byline along with a one-paragraph bio.

The book will be available for sale on a website and can reach customers in less than a week from its purchase. Itís definitely something you could use to market yourself (and have a copy of ďyourĒ book on the shelf), as well as a resume builder.

I plan on registering the book with an ISBN number and attempting to distribute it to booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If the book does become distributed, then all profits at that point would be divided among those who contributed to the compilation.

Donít submit for the money (because I really canít promise any), submit because you love writing and want to see your work along side others who share your love.

Submissions should be sent as part of the body of the email (no attachments() to sparkleanddream@yahoo.com