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Michael Murphy
08-14-2007, 06:40 PM
If your books are available on Amazon, check out the Amazon Friends feature on your Amazon page. This feature allows you to invite Amazon Friends in much the same way My Space works. Below is some information about Amazon Friends. I just started, but if I can answer any questions, email me.
Recently Active
This feature shows you what your Amazon Friends and Interesting People have been up to recently on Amazon.com. Tracked activities can include their upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, additions to Wish Lists, new Amazon Friends, and content published on Amazon.com including Reviews and Listmania! lists.
Amazon Friends
Making someone an Amazon Friend is an easy way to keep track of them while on Amazon.com. Depending on the privacy settings you and they set, you'll stay informed of each other's events such as recent purchases, additions to Wish Lists, upcoming birthdays, and more.
Interesting People
When you add someone to your list of Interesting People you get quick access to their Profile and stay informed of their public activities on Amazon.com, such as writing new reviews and adding items to their Wish List.